TV Review: “Agents of SHIELD” Episode 14 – “TAHITI”

Written by Alex Bowman March 06, 2014

After another break (seriously, guys?) we are back with even more epic shenanigans in this week’s installment of “Agents of SHIELD.” This episode was actually really good in a very surprising way. The stakes are being raised extremely high for a show that only has about 8 episodes left before it comes to a close but I think that this is needed right now considering the amount of wow factors that have been showing up as of late in previous episodes. This week’s episode certainly delivers on that front: great action, a nail-biting story, and Bill mother-fucking Paxton. You definitely do not want to miss out on Agent’s second major return to televised syndication.


This week picks up after the events of the previous episode: Skye is now on life support after her run-in with Quinn, and the team is pissed at him for following The Clairvoyants’ orders. So now the only solution is to break regulation and make save her life. Bill Paxton is sent to restore some order to the group but decides to assist them. The mission: return to the facility where Coulson was operated on in hopes of finding a way of saving Skye’s life. However, we soon learn that some secrets need to stay locked up.


This week’s episode felt a lot more like a Whedon-controlled project. Good ‘ol Joss is very well known for having super-secret evil science shindigs happening in the background that the lovably quirky heroes must stumble upon to keep the plot going. “Agents of SHIELD” is no different because, apparently, SHIELD is into some really fucked up things. The pre-credits stinger will be proof of that when Coulson discovers the truth about the truth. Yeah, this whole routine of Coulson figuring out what really happened to him is becoming a wee bit redundant. I am not going to spoil anything but I will say that it will leave you more confused than shocked.

However, that’s not to say that this is a faulty episode. It is really good; the whole idea of the team uniting together to try and save Skye is heart-warming, especially regarding how much the team has been so quick to judge her like a pit-bull being judged by all the poodles at a dog show. Skye has cemented herself as being the team’s mascot and I like that the show’s creators gave her presence on the team a little bit more significance as opposed to just appreciating her skills. She is part of their family and they will sacrifice their lives to save hers which is a powerful reassurance that the team may have finally found a way to hold their own together against the odds. I just hope she is not out of commission for too long because, through her development as a character, she is really starting to grow on me.

“How was the drive to Istanbul?”

There are a few major highlights in this episode. Firstly, the writing is spot-on for this week; Jeffrey Bell helps to create a story that is both heart-breaking while also maintaining a sense of hilarity, action, and macabre that really meshes well together. I have just started watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and I get why Whedon wants writers like this to tackle his projects. They get the type of story that Whedon wants to create. However, I have to be honest that for “Agents of SHIELD” it is hit and miss. Sometimes it works, like it did for this week, and sometimes it doesn’t. You just have to hope that Whedon gets lucky and draws the right guy out of his fancy top hat.

Secondly, guest star Bill Paxton is going to steal the spotlight every single time he stands in front of the camera. Somehow, Billy really tapped into his inner cool and delivered a performance that was intimidating while still being likable and hilarious. A very clichéd character, maybe, but I think it works for this type of show and I think he deserves a high-five for being a great character that will not remember his name but only that he was played by Bill Paxton.

Overall, this week’s episode was really well done. It is nice to have this episode to come back to after another hiatus (thanks, Olympics) and it delivers on all fronts. A really intense story filled with all of the elements that makes this show entertaining and a great guest star that really made the episode all the more enjoyable. Let’s hope this magic transfers into next week’s Thor-themed episode!

My Rating: 8/10

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