TV Review: “Agents of SHIELD” Episode 19 “The Only Light in the Darkness”

Written by Alex Bowman April 24, 2014

This week’s episode of “Agents of SHIELD” is quite exciting now that we are getting close to the end of the series. It has yet to be confirmed as of yet whether or not the series has been renewed for another season but I guess it is too early to speculate. With all the puppet masters working in the background of the show, I would assume they would rather wait to the last minute and force fans of the show to sweat in anticipation for a reveal. Here’s hoping that they can continue this series into another season because things are starting to be set up for a very epic conclusion that is sure to leave a lot of tears and thrills; this week’s episode being a very good preview of that theory.

The shield that protects the world

In this week’s episode the team is divided against itself when some are forced to deal with the aftermath of HYDRA attacking The Fridge; some inmates have escaped and Coulson has to stop one particular nasty-wasty, in the form of Marcus Daniels aka Blackout, who has serious ties to Coulson’s past. Meanwhile, May decides to high tail it out of the team because she feels she no longer has a place and Skye comes to a shocking realization about Ward.

“What are you here for?”

This week’s episode was quite entertaining. It has one thing that I really want to address because of how much it confuses me but I will save that for later. For now, let’s go over a few good things. Patton Oswalt was a really great breath of fresh air for this episode,but I completely understand why the Whedons had to kill him off. The whole interrogation scene with the lie detector test was really entertaining and showed us how well Oswalt can intimidate someone when given a gun. Unfortunately, his character was lacking any more room for development and we need more reasons to hate Ward so it’s fair he was next on the chopping block.


May leaving the team at first felt like a really crappy way of pushing her to the side so the attention of the show could focus on other things; however, the pre-credits scene did a really great job of giving us a snippet of her future plans and showcasing how the writers will not allow her to be pushed into the corner. I really hope she stays relevant on the show despite her being separated from the team. Coulson’s sub-plot was fantastic and I loved how the team went back to its roots of finding the bad guy, stopping him/her and saving the day. I love how the writers brought back Coulson’s love interest and we get to see Gregg display a really complex character unravel when his old flame thinks he is dead and he is prevented from telling her the truth. He acts so well in this episode and he doesn’t even has to say a line of dialogue to address what he is feeling or thinking. Gregg really steals the spot light time again and he deserves so much recognition for his work on this show.

“You know me, I don’t like change”

The only thing that really bothered me about this week’s episode was Skye; she finds the dead body of Oswalt’s character and immediately pieces together that Ward killed him. Instead of trying to alert the team, it would seem like she is following along with Ward’s lies so she can… bop him on the head when he isn’t looking? Fuck, this episode was so strong until the end. We have seen Skye grow as a character and mature throughout her time with SHIELD and then she goes and does something really stupid when she had the perfect opportunity to turn him in or let the team know. I guess he’s just that damn good of a kisser. Her true intentions for following Ward may be cloudy but I like to think the writing team isn’t this dumb when it comes to developing her character. Here’s to hoping her plan pays off in the end.

Would’ve been hilarious if Ward choked him with his lanyard

This week’s episode has to have marks taken off for Skye acting like a total dipshit at the end but this episode still has a lot of great and memorable moments. The villain is very cool and it is nice to see Gregg pulling his weight and making his character all the more sympathetic. I really hope we see more of May towards the end with Ward getting what’s coming to him.

My Rating: 7/10

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