TV Review: “Agents of SHIELD” Episode 22 – “Beginning of the End”

Written by Alex Bowman May 15, 2014

Here we are, at the end of season one of “Agents of SHIELD.” For all the gripe this show got at the very beginning and despite all the hiatuses, I loved every fucking minute of this show. I loved this show so much I’m surprised I haven’t been handed a restraining order from it yet. Before we delve into how this season ended, I am pleased to announce that “Agents of SHIELD” has been renewed for another season. For now, let’s talk about the big bang this finale left on.

“Are we really true believers?”

Our last episode of the season has the team finally facing off against Garrett (who has now become Super-Garrett) thanks to the meddling of Raina in last week’s episode. They decide to directly take the fight to Cybertek’s doorstep and bring the whole operation down around their heads. Meanwhile, Fitz-Simmons are alive but are desperately trying to hold onto any hope that they may get out of their current predicament.


This episode was very interesting in regards to how it starts. Last week’s episode implied the team was seriously boned but when the episode picks up we see them kick ass and mosey on to the next scene. I honestly felt that the writers rushed the first twenty minutes of the show just so they could get to the really good parts. I’m not complaining, mind you, I just thought it an odd choice seeing as how this show always seemed to do a good job of building atmosphere before the plot kicked into high gear. However, after the beginning stumbles a bit, the episode really packs on the punches. I was really digging that Whedon let Paxton go into full force ham and cheese. I was actually banking on him growing a curly mustache to twirl as he spouts his monologues. Paxton played the perfect villain for the show and something very funny happens to his character at the very end of the episode. I wouldn’t dare give it away because once you see it, you won’t be able to get the air back into your lungs quick enough from all the laughing. Very Whedon-esque if ever there was.

I would also be lying if I said that I wasn’t pleased to see that Fitz-Simmons not only survived their encounter with Ward but also found a way to escape their entrapment at the bottom of the ocean. It is very pleasing to see that Fitz may not be the same from this point forward because I think it will add a little more depth to his character to see him with a potential crippling weakness that may affect his current position on the team. Familiar faces are in abundance for this episode as well; Samuel L. Jackson and Patton Oswalt are back to help wind down the current event. One of them comes back to, in a manner of speaking; pass the torch along to Coulson while the other is back… because I guess people really wanted Oswalt back? It’s obvious Oswalt is a clone and this, hopefully, will be addressed later on seeing as how Coulson has a giant stick up his butt about SHIELD cloning people.

“I’m ready to kick some ass”

I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen to Ward’s character from this point forward. May did give him quite the ass kicking, but she left him alive which hints to us thatthey may keep his character around for the future. I think the show needs his character around; he has left a very deep impact on the show and has scorned two separate female protagonists. Coulson was phenomenal in this episode; Gregg brought everything to the table, ranging from funny quips to amazing fan-service. I really love that Coulson was handed the keys to SHIELD and I’m excited to see how his character chooses to rebuild it from scratch. Skye’s character also stood out, but mostly for window-dressing. I believe her character will really shine through in the next season when she will eventually have to encounter her father, who appears to be season two’s new villain.

Seriously, Fury, stop with the eye puns… WE GET IT!”

“Agents of SHIELD” ends on a very high note and has set up a lot of great stories that can be told within the ever expanding universe of Marvel. Hopefully we’ll get to see more cross-overs but I am personally more invested in seeing how much more our team can evolve with a new season ripe with new challenges, adventures, and D-list villains getting their fifteen minutes in the spot-light. Here’s hoping for another great season next year.

My Rating: 9/10

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