TV Review: “Arrow” Season 2 – Spicing Things Up!

Written by Olivia Pierratos November 28, 2013

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I knew when I started “Arrow” Season One that I wasn’t going to see anything I hadn’t seen before. Superhero TV shows have been done and done again. “Arrow” initially didn’t impress me, the plot reminded me of Batman and the struggle to have two identities reminded me of [insert any superhero you can think of here]. Sufficed to say, not impressed. But somehow I kept tuning in, it was dramatic, had a hot lead that took his shirt off a lot and a spunky tech sidekick that I felt I could relate to. Thankfully “Arrow” got better and better.

Here we are now in season 2, when things are really getting good! We’re past the struggle to handle two identities, and the hardships of being a millionaire, and into the good stuff: Flashbacks to Oliver Queen on the boat and island where we meet the thought-to-be-dead Sarah! As well as a present day introduction of two amazingly spicy characters: Deadshot, a master assassin who escapes from the Russian Prison with Diggle, and Isabel Rochev, driven (and hot) co-owner of Queen Consolidated.

First to the flashbacks; oh boy, are they getting good. Maybe it’s my old “Lost” obsessed self feeling nostalgic for scenes on a deserted island or maybe it’s the fact that SARAH IS BACK. She’s alive ladies and gentleman! But not only that, she is working with the people who have kidnapped and tortured Oliver. We learn that the men on the boat who saved her are in search of an arrowhead that will lead them to something that will “save mankind”. I like foreshadowing, people, and foreshadowing we have been given! That arrowhead is the same one that Oliver gave to his sister Thea in episode one; did anyone else pick up on that?

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Whenever these island flashback scenes come around I am excited, “Arrow” has offered an exciting and suspenseful second storyline. I feel like the island plot could be a show within itself. Island Oliver is more honest and open with his emotions. Stephen Amell, besides impressing me with his constant on-screen shirtless workouts (tune in ladies), he also impresses me with his ability to shift back and forth between innocent and tortured soul. I apologize for this but despite any unoriginal plot lines or cheesy scripts, a hot, tortured superhero (who is Canadian in real life) has my full attention.

New Characters Spice it up!

Deadshot, the assassin that killed Diggle’s brother is back! Except this time Diggle must help him escape from a Russian prison they’re both in (Diggle to save his ex-wife, Deadshot…well I’m guessing for just being Deadshot). Before they part ways, while Diggle has a gun trained on Deadshot’s head, we learn that perhaps Diggle doesn’t know the full story about his brother’s death. But that’s for another episode, Deadshot lives and has disappeared, for now. I can’t leave out the exciting event of Episode 7: Moira Queen’s lead defense was given by Laurel, who still has yet to convince me she could be a real lawyer (please Katie Cassidy, wear less makeup). Moira’s acquittal from her crimes was ultimately orchestrated by a not-so-dead mastermind of the destruction of the Glades, the very crime Moira was facing life in prison for. Welcome back Malcolm Merlyn.

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Next we have Isabel Rochev, the co-owner of Queens Consolidated. She is not only a fierce business woman who constantly challenges and questions Oliver, trying to put him in his place, but she is also drop-dead-gorgeous. And we all know what happens when two beautiful people get together…I think you can guess. Hot sex definitely will spice up their next couple encounters. But that’s not even the best part! Felicity seemed jealous! Finally! We have a hint for a future potential relationship between Oliver and Felicity! Episode 7 also brought up the chemistry between them as Oliver saved her life by killing The Count (Vertigo distributor) despite his vow to stop the killings. I saw it! A firm hand grab at the end for a ‘thank you’. Oh, Felicity, we know what you really want from Oliver.



I’ve got to hand it to you “Arrow”, your plot lines may not be original; you may have a cake-faced bore for a main love interest (sorry Katie Cassidy), and you may bring a lot of people back from the dead. But hey, you keep it exciting!

My Rating: 6/10


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