TV Review: “The Big Bang Theory” Season 6 – Exploring Relationships

Written by Emily Stewart February 09, 2013

Cast of Big Bang Theory

Throughout the years, “Big Bang Theory” has shifted its focus from the references of geek culture, science, and psychology to the relationships between the male and female leads. Actually, the romance aspects and struggles became the main plot line and dialogue of season six. Comic book and science fiction references are dwindling, but will have the odd episode dedicated to such. Although “Big Bang Theory” still has its original charm, its shifted direction ignores other minor characters and is thus less appealing.

The Season (So Far)

There have been a few changes in the lives of the characters, such as Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) as newlyweds, and Penny (Kayley Cuoco) going back to community college. Comic book store owner Stuart (Kevin Sussman) is also rooming with Raj (Kunal Nayar), who ended up staying at Mrs. Wollowitz’s (Carol Ann Susi) to keep her company in last week’s episode. The only significant new character in the show as of yet is Alex (Margo Harshman), Sheldon’s new assistant who fancies Leonard (Johnny Galecki). Throughout the show, we see Howard’s space journey and his return, Stuart becoming a member of the group, Sheldon and Amy’s (Mayim Balik) relationship develop, and, of course, the relationship between Leonard and Penny continues to have its moments. The single change on the show, however, is Sheldon as a character, who reveals more emotion and feelings towards his colleagues-even the possibility of him and Amy becoming intimate!

Big Bang Theory Alex and Sheldon


While the relationships are indeed more examined, the season as a whole tends to jump around from different episodic plots-especially of the tired and true relationship of Leonard and Penny. One moment, she wants to break up with him, the next, she confesses that she loves him for the first time. While a teary Leonard is emotional following her confession, he enjoys the fact Alex is going after him. Speaking of whom, Alex has only been in three episodes, but her crush did land the boys in trouble-especially Sheldon, who made quite uncalled for comments about women demonstrating his struggle with appropriate interactions. Even so, with the exception of Stuart, one appearance from Barry Kripke (John Ross Bowie), and even seeing a few  glimpses Mrs. Wollowitz in last week’s episode and a few (ahem) vocal conversations with her son and Raj the relationship focus leaves little room for the appearances of other characters who established the show.

Big Bang Theory Boys


The stronger episodes of “Big Bang Theory” have little, if any, concern over the relationship aspects. If they are mentioned, they create tension between the characters and what they are fighting over; from the power of Thor’s hammer to a parking spot to a games night. Instances like these fare out well for the show because they display how silly the characters can be fighting over small things, another key aspect from some of the original episodes. Sheldon is also displaying more emotion, feelings and care for others in the show than ever through his dialogue, adding more depth to his character.  Although the reason for showing emotion is currently unknown, the different events could lead to his explanation. Finally, the facial expression of Jim Parsons are great as usual and strengthen the show.

Big Bang Theory Girls

Overall, the sixth season of “Big Bang Theory” has been mediocre, mainly due to the emphasis on relationships, lack of reoccurring characters, and contradictory plot lines as a whole. That said, the few references of geek culture, especially getting the girls involved in it, Parson’s performance and the petty fights between the characters keep the show playful and substantial, and there has always been a focus on Penny and Leonard. There is still half a season to go, leaving plenty of opportunities for it to improve.

My Rating (so far): 7/10




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