TV Review: “Big Bang Theory” Season 6 Part 2 – Experimental Error?

Written by Emily Stewart May 19, 2013

The Love Spell Potential

In my last review of the sixth season of  “The Big Bang Theory”, I mentioned that other than a few new characters, and Sheldon Cooper’s  (Jim Parsons) more than ever complex personality, there aren’t any big changes. While there still weren’t too many until near the end of the series, most of the new additions on the show surround timid astrophysicist Raj Koothrapali (Kunal Nayar)-especially in terms of his love life since the last review; beginning with (what else?) the Valentine’s Day episode. While the finale did provide and eliminate major opportunities for some of the characters, the season as a whole wasn’t a major discovery.

Season Finale Preview:

Opportunity Knocks

With the exception of Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wollowitz (Melissa Rauch) and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Balik), most of the stars on “Big Bang Theory” had plenty of opportunities: Howard (Simon Helberg) could read what his missing father wrote to him at 18, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) tells Penny (Kayley Cuoco) that due to his frequent proposals, she must propose to him when she is ready,  Raj (Kunal Nayar) begins dating a girl he met at a Valentine’s Day party in the comic book store, Lucy (Kate Micucci of Garfunkle and Oates), who has social anxiety, and Leonard finds out in the season finale he will be able to accompany Stephen Hawking’s research team on an expedition in the North Sea.  Barry Kripke (John Ross Bowie) and the male PhD’s of the gang also have chances to be part of the tenure committee following the death of a professor.


All of the opportunities generate different emotions, With Howard’s chance to learn about his father, and his friends using the Schrödinger’s Cat theory to present fairly believable (other than Sheldon’s “The Goonies” inspired tale) messages in the letter, making it the most emotional episode of the season, if not the entire series. While the discussion of Penny and Leonard possibly marrying isn’t brought up too often past Valentine’s Day, it is clear that they are more of a serious couple than ever, especially since Penny is the first to say “I love you” just before his departure. With the constant breaking up and making up of these two, “Big Bang Theory” finally has their relationship stable. Speaking of relationships, things were looking up for Raj and Lucy at first. Their relationship ends in the finale because she found the idea of meeting his friends too much. Even so, when she takes off after their first date, Raj is found crying munching on lobster in nothing but his underwear and a bib. Yep. Getting rejected by women has given him the greatest opportunity on “Big Bang Theory”: being able to talk to women sober.

What Ever Happened To…

The biggest issue with this season of “Big Bang Theory” surrounded the actual appearance of minor characters. Last review, I noted that Sheldon’s assistant Alex Jensen (Margo Harshman) only made three appearances on the show. Since then? She’s appeared about once, and same with Kripke. Comic book store owner and close friend of the gang, Stuart (Kevin Sussman) was supposed to become a regular this season, but ever since the introduction of Lucy, he’s been out of the picture. Yes, this is certainly not the first time a character was hardly mentioned on “Big Bang Theory”. This is a prime-time sitcom after all. But all of the barely there characters mentioned have potential, if only they were featured more often.


Earth to Sheldon…

If there was anything puzzling about this season, it was Sheldon’s personality. Throughout the sequence, his quips have gone from childish to offensive to just plain immature. Heck, he evens makes snappy “Yo’ mama” jokes to Raj. And while it was Howard who tempted him, Sheldon would’ve thought it was completely foolish in the earlier seasons. Likewise, while he admitted to Penny and Leonard his relationship with Amy could be physically intimate, he later tells his girlfriend that their current state is intimate to him.

In the last review, I stated that Sheldon was showing more care for his friends and colleagues in this season, but it was not the case in the finale, where he becomes a contradicting, snarky, theoretical physicist once again while pretending to be happy for Leonard. While it was great to see Sheldon similar to his first appearance in the end, it was also irritating to not have any closure to his unusual behaviour.


The sixth season of “Big Bang Theory” wasn’t a complete disaster and still has punchy humour, but it is definitely not spectacular in comparison to other seasons, especially since a lot of guest stars and catchphrases on the show were limited (“Soft Kitty” is only heard once!). Even so, with the biggest cliff-hanger on the show being Raj’s ability to talk to women, there isn’t much else to expect in the fall, because the characters travelling has been used to close off the season before. Either way, “Big Bang Theory” is still comedic and it’ll be interesting to see how the friendships and relationships of the characters play out.

My Rating: 7/10

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