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Written by Danielle Sing May 25, 2015

brooklyn nine-nine

The season finale of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 2 recently aired, and it already has fans eager for the third season come September. The second season continued seamlessly from the first season by carrying over some main plot points, and delved further into the lives of the main characters. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” continues to have fresh ideas while working in the over-saturated television genre of cop shows, and following the trend of workplace based comedy.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 2 returned to the 99th Precinct of the NYPD, and Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) has survived one year as Captain. The season jumped right into all of the crazy situations and cases that Jake Peratla (Andy Samberg), Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews) and the other detectives have to take on. We learn more about the detectives’ lives outside the job, and we’re introduced to new characters, notably the main character’s family, friends and love interests. Plot points, such as Jake’s affection towards Amy, continued and new outrageous plots emerged, including the marriage of Gina Linetti’s (Chelsea Peretti) mother to Charles Boyle’s (Joe Lo Truglio) father.

brooklyn nine-nine
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is an excellent satire of a cop show blended with workplace-based comedy, popularized by “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation”. The comedy is witty, full of fresh ideas, and each character brings its own flavour of comedy to the show. Even if you don’t find the characters hilarious, a lot of the comedy comes from sight gags, and the situations that the characters are thrown into. Another reason why the comedy in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is fresh is that it works as both a satire of a cop show and as an actual a cop show. Their investigations are interesting (although they may not be completely solved each episode), and the show is able to handle a serious tone, with some light-hearted humour that is integrated expertly. As someone who was initially attracted to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” because it was a cop show, I stayed a viewer for the comedy.

“You can go to the top of the Empire State Building, that’s very romantic. You can pee on the whole city from up there.”

The major downside to comedy is that it usually takes away the ability of characters to really develop just so they will be continuously funny. While this is case with some of the show’s characters, mainly detectives Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller), even those clueless characters were proven this season to be competent detectives. Throughout the second season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, the main characters have been able to develop and become characters beyond comedic stereotypes. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was also able to secure amazing guest stars this season, including Eva Longoria, Nick Cannon, and Ed Helms. Instead of using them as click bait, they made them refreshing characters and I anticipated their next appearances on the show. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” gives well deserved attention to their characters and it pays off in the quality of the show.

brooklyn nine-nine

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” excels in having plenty of ideas full of the unique comedy that the show brings, and it allows the characters to develop.  Two major characters during the finale, but I’m hopeful that they’re not gone for long or that whoever replaces them is equally as talented as the rest of the cast. The end of the finale perfectly sets up the third season, though it does give the possibility of repetition. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is hilarious, and it’s one of the better comedy shows on television right now.

My Rating: 8.5/10

brooklyn nine-nine

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