TV Review: “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” – So Good, It’s a Crime

Written by Hannah Kay October 23, 2014

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Four episodes have passed since the premiere of the second season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and this show is definitely off to a stellar start. With Gina (Chelsea Peretti) engaging in a secret passion-filled night with a heartbroken Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), and Jake (Andy Samberg) confessing his feelings to Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) “romantic stylez” before departing on a 6 month undercover mission, last season’s finale left some serious issues that needed to be addressed in the season 2 premiere.

The above plot points sow the seeds for the themes of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 2. Already we’ve seen Jake confronting Amy, progress with the relationship between Boyle and Gina, and we’ve started the beginnings of a season arc in the form of Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) worrying about future changes within the police force. This season kicked off just after the 6 months have passed with the lead, Jake Peralta, ending his undercover mission successfully and joining the rest of the cast at the 99th police precinct. Over four episodes we see the adventures and mishaps of the detectives as they attempt to combat crime.

“Every time you talk, I hear that sound that plays when PacMan dies.”

The stories within each “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” episode do not disappoint. The third episode, entitled “The Jimmy Jab Games”, involves a game in the style of the Olympics in which the detectives compete to see who wins the best wheely chair in the precinct. The Halloween episode the week after throws back to last Halloween’s episode where Jake bet Holt he could steal his medal of valour. This year, Jake ups the ante with a bet that he could steal the watch off Holt’s wrist.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One of the best things about “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is the character growth. Throughout the last season and continuing into this one, we are constantly seeing how each character’s personality is explored and developed. One example of this is the increasing screen time given to Gina. It would have been so easy for the writers to ignore the narcissistic and seemingly confused assistant to Captain Holt, but this doesn’t happen. Just after starting the second season, we can see more of a focus on her character as she progresses through her relationship with Boyle.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s” Strength is in its Characters

These characters all fill archetypes that have been tested on American audiences time and time again. The only difference is that none of these people are as one-dimensional as they initially seem. The constant fleshing out of each personality lends credibility to each of them in a way that isn’t often seen in sitcoms of this sort. This development is consistently subtle and the characters never undergo any unrealistic changes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I cannot stress how much “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has grown on me since it first aired. The acting, humour, stories, and character development all lead to a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Throughout the rest of this season, I am excited to see how the relationship between Jake and Amy pan out. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the 99th precinct handles the restructuring of the police force.

My Rating: 9/10


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