TV Review: “BUCKWILD” – White Trash Ballin’

Written by Mitchell B January 04, 2013


With a new year comes a new slate of television shows premiering on every major network. “BUCKWILD” is MTV’s latest “reality” show, this one about a group of idiot rednecks who drink, fight, and do generally stupid things for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, nothing about this show is pleasurable.

“We’re Young, Free, and Buckwild!”

With the unfortunate success of “Jersey Shore”, MTV has apparently decided to create reality programs about dumb young people in just about every corner of the United States. This one takes place in Sissonville and Charleston, West Virginia, where young people behave like stereotypical “rednecks.” After an hour of this series it’s clear that none of these characters are likable and that this show has no redeeming qualities. The same question comes up here as it did for “Jersey Shore” a couple years back: Why? Why would anybody waste their time watching a bunch of idiots be idiots? There’s never a been a good answer, just the “it’s like watching a trainwreck” response, but I don’t think that’s fair to trainwrecks. We see idiots every day in our lives, and dealing with them is never a pleasant experience, so why would I want to spend an hour of my week watching them interact?

It’s difficult for me to be angry with MTV for producing garbage like “BUCKWILD” because they’re just sticking with what works. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? When you have such huge success with a show like “Jersey Shore”, you’re clearly going to try and recreate that success. Therefore I can only blame society for making shows like “Jersey Shore” a success. I’m half joking with these remarks, but I clearly just don’t understand the appeal of such things. I understand guilty pleasures, I watch every season of “Survivor” and have seen all of the “Step Up” films, but I can at least make an argument for why they are enjoyable to watch. “BUCKWILD” has no appeal whatsoever.



If you’re sick of me ranting, as I’m sure you are, I’ll give you an actual recap of what occurs in this show. The girls all live together, and because their neighbour doesn’t appreciate how loud they are (we have something in common!), they decide to throw a huge party, get into a drunken fight with the neighbour, and then get evicted. They move to another place without neighbours, have their male friends get a dump truck that they fill with water and turn into a pool, and take turns jumping off of the roof into the pool. One girl has sex with one of the guys in another girl’s bed (DRAMA!!!), and they fight about that. Oh, and they also go muddin’, which is where you drive around in mud and get muddy. That pretty much sums up the episode.

So if you’re thinking about kicking off the new year with a new TV show, wait for something else to premiere. There are only a couple more weeks until that Kevin Bacon show premieres on Fox, and who doesn’t like Kevin Bacon?

My Rating: 1.5/10


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