TV Review: “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Ep. 6 – Character Growth Is Coming

Written by Sydney O'Keefe August 25, 2017

game of thrones

In the penultimate episode of the seventh season of Game of Thrones we see some of the most amazing images and the interaction of the ‘magnificent seven’`, the nickname affectionately given to the group that goes beyond the wall to retrieve a zombie to prove to Cersei (Lena Heady) that the threat of white walkers is real. And, more importantly, that the only war that matters is the one between the living and the dead.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

This Game of Thrones episode has gone viral for the Night King’s stunning javelin throw at the end of the episode. But there was many more impressive and important moments that were overlooked. Namely the moment when Sansa (Sophie Turner) discovers Arya’s (Maisie Williams) bag of faces. The interaction between the two shows family friction after years of separation. The sisters have different ways of dealing with trauma. Sansa is the survivor; she’s quiet and waits patiently for opportunity. In the books she has a mantra: “My skin went from porcelain, to ivory, to steel”. Sansa has navigated the finer barbs and dangers of court life, and learned how to read and persuade people. Arya, on the other hand, has gone through a test of wits and survival that is more overt. She’s lived in the woods, and learned how to kill. Arya has learned survivalist skills that are more physical.

“We both wanted to be other people when we were younger. You wanted to be a queen, and sit next to a handsome young king on the Iron Throne. I wanted to be a knight to pick up a sword like father and go into battle. Neither of us got to be the other person did we? The world doesn’t let go and decide what we are going to be. But I can now, I can choose to become someone else.”

While both sisters harbour hatred, they cannot see eye to eye on how to survive. Arya looks to having allies, as she often tried to find a pack. Sansa, however, sent years searching for daggers in every smile, and finding false friends. The friction in this scene, and the loosely concealed threat is an interpretation of the two roads to survival. Arya and Sansa acts as foils for one another. While many find the scene between the sisters creepy, and it is, it’s also Arya’s way of telling Sansa she can be more than a Queen next to a King.

game of thrones

The other scene that was overlooked was Jon’s (Kit Harrington) recovery with Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). They both share a touching and emotional moment, and Daenerys shares her infertility with Jon. Upon his waking, Jon immediately apologizes for the loss of Daenerys pseudo child. This moment is touching and offers Daenerys a sense of pride when Jon finally bends the knee (metaphorically). This is a vital turning point for Daenerys, because she is finally accepted by a true Westerosi in Westeros as the queen. On top of that it’s someone she truly admires and respects, who has a following and army of his own. Emilia Clarke did an excellent job portraying the warring emotions of loss for her dragon, and the gain of pride and respect from Jon.

“The dragons are my children. They are the only children I will ever have, do you understand? we are going to kill the Night King, we will do it together. You have my word.”

The main issue from Game of Thrones was the inaccuracies of the time jumps with travel. And while I agree the jumping around the map isn’t accurate and does jump the time line, it’s also pivotal to the advancement of the plot and creates a fast paced final two seasons. If the writers had kept the travel times realistic, or even just shown the travel, the show would lose the sense of imminent threat and urgency that has propelled this season forward.

game of thrones

Overall, I think the writers have taken a complex and meticulously thought out plot and brought it to life through painstaking CGI effects and excellent storytelling. This coupled with the fascinating arcs of characters like Jon Snow and Daenerys show the growth of the main characters. The relationships between Sansa and Arya as well as Jon and Daenerys is truly startling. In the next Game of Thrones episode relationships and tension will surely grow even more as they attempt to convince Queen Cersei of the Night King’s existence. The death of Viserion mirrors the losses the Starks and Targaryans have endured over seven seasons and how their arcs have provided a truly satisfying underdog story.

My Rating: 9/10

game of thrones

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