TV Review: “Game of Thrones” – “The House of Black and White”

Written by Jesse Gelinas April 21, 2015

Arya at the doors of the House of Black and White

Arya at the doors of the House of Black and White

Everyone still on track? We’re all waiting week by week for our “Game of Thrones” fix rather than succumbing to those evil pirates and their filthy bootlegs? Good. “The House of Black and White” aired this past Sunday, and while it feels more like an extension of the premiere, it Is a perfectly solid episode that finishes setting the stage for the exciting season to come.

Arya finally arrives in Braavos, and after some unnecessary trickery, she is welcomed into the House of Black and White, and reunited with the lovable assassin “Jaqen.” In Kings Landing, the Dornish have sent a rather unsubtle threat to Cersei In regards to her daughter. Jaime volunteers himself and Bronn to sneak into Dorne and steal the young princess back. There, Oberyn’s paramour, Ellaria demands vengeance. At the Wall, Jon is offered Lordship of Winterfell if he serves Stannis and leaves the Watch. Jon refuses, and is later elected Lord Commander by his brothers at Castle Black. Elsewhere, Brienne stumbles upon Littlefinger and Sansa, but the Stark girl refuses her help (again). Across the sea, Tyrion and Varys continue toward Dany. meanwhile, the Mother of Dragons deals with the repercussions of executing a former slave convicted of murder, before getting a brief visit from one of her delinquent “children.”

“He may be young, but he’s the commander we turned to when the night was darkest.”

Now that all major characters have been reintroduced, it feels like we can finally begin the season. Last week was a good episode, but the premiere suffered from the exclusion of Arya Stark (who closed last year’s finale) and the Dorne storyline. However, there’s enough fresh content here to keep you hyped, and we get another good look at some big dragons. Two appearances in as many episodes has been unheard of so far in the series. And luckily, they still look great.

Drogon comes home briefly in "The House of Black and White"

“Hey mom. I’m just here to do some laundry.”

Both Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner (Arya and Sansa Stark) get some focus this week, and both really showcase how much they’ve matured as actors over the five years the show has been in production. We watch Sansa continue her transformation into Littlefinger’s little protégé, and Arya’s desperate attempts to be accepted among a group of elite killers. So far from the little girl who didn’t want to play with dolls back in season 1. With Jon Snow standing firmly at his post, and Bran Stark confirmed to NOT appear this season, Arya and Sansa are carrying the torch for Stark loyalists, and they’re managing well.

“Let me have her. Let me send her back to Cersei one finger at a time.”

As is usual on “Game of Thrones,” “The House of Black and White” shines with the promise of buddy road-trip goodness! Brienne and Podrick continue their foolish quest to save the Stark girls. Varys and Tyrion are drinking their way across Essos, and now Jaime and Bronn are surely becoming Wester-bros 2.0. It’slike “Lethal Weapon,” except they’re both Mel Gibson, only not crazy.

Ellaria demands vengeance in The House of Black and White

So, we’re finally up to speed with everyone in the show, but you can be sure that a few new characters are on the horizon. “The House of Black and White” finishes setting the stage for the season, and now we get to watch all the pieces dance and continue the Game of Thrones. With more deviations coming, expect some shocking developments in the weeks to come.

My Rating: 8/10

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