TV Review: “The Good Wife” Season 5 – Betrayal at its Best

Written by Meredith Pow November 04, 2013




Season 4 of “The Good Wife” left us with feelings of disbelief and uncertainty. “I’m in!” Alicia proclaimed, only to reveal that she wasn’t professing her love to Will after all, but rather, she had made the decision to leave the firm with Cary. So, how exactly were things going to pan out now that Alicia would be leaving Lockhart/Gardner? And most importantly, how would Will and Diane react? The burning questions we were left with after the season 4 finale continue to be answered, as season 5 of “The Good Wife” brings a whole lot of drama and excitement to the table. So far in season 5, a common theme of betrayal has arisen, which binds all the episodes together and ultimately drives the plot and its characters. All of the secrets and the strategic lies of the first 4 episodes lead up to “Hitting the Fan”, which I would argue to be the best episode of “The Good Wife” so far.

“This is my firm.”

“It was your firm.”

One of the greatest aspects about the drama unfolding on “The Good Wife” this season is the unexpected alliances being made. I’ll admit that I was caught a bit off guard by Will’s callous attitude towards the fact that Diane had betrayed him. But at the same time, I was also fully entertained by the whole ruthless ‘gang-up on Diane’ plot of episode 3 “A Precious Commodity”, when Will was quick to round up the rest of the partners and attempt to get her thrown out of the firm as soon as possible. But wait, what is Lockhart/Gardner without Lockhart? It’s really unlikely that Diane will disappear from the show. Although she has a random plotline at times (like her spontaneously marriage to Kurt, the republican gun-loving, Palin-supporting, ballistics expert) the show would definitely be missing something without her.

The real troublemaker at the firm is David Lee, played by Zach Grenier, who makes a great addition to the main cast this season. Finally, Lee is brought closer to the center of the show, which means there’s more dirt for him to dig up. Ignoring the odd attraction between him and Alicia’s mother in episode 2, I think that his character should definitely continue to be prominent on “The Good Wife”. He’s as cunning as ever and by far my favourite character. Who doesn’t love an instigator?

What's In The Box?


“I hired you. I pushed for you.”

Episode 5 “Hitting the Fan” is fast-paced episode, with big changes being made to Lockhart/Gardner in only a 1-hour period. While I would argue that the episode did seem a bit rushed, I would also argue that it’s one of the best episodes of “The Good Wife” to date. Who knew that watching my favourite characters get fired would be so entertaining? Diane discovers that Alicia is planning to leave to firm with Cary and things quickly escalate as Will abruptly fires Alicia in the first 5 minutes of the episode. Ultimately, Alicia, Cary, Robin and the rest of the soon to be Florrick/Agos firm are fired, but they must swiftly race to get clients from Lockhart/Gardner. The episode is a compelling battle between former co-workers, and I absolutely love it.


So, what happens now?

Perhaps my enjoyment of first 5 episodes of “The Good Wife” was enhanced by what they implied and by what is to come. Nothing will stay the same: Alicia and Cary are on their own now, and it’s unlikely that Will and Diane will forgive them for their betrayal any time soon. I’m looking forward to seeing new form of competition developing between Florrick/Agos and Lockhart/Gardner.

Overall, the fifth season of “The Good Wife” is off to an amazing start. The plot seems to be lacking Kalinda’s character though, which is unfortunate. But hopefully the plot will continue to thicken and David Lee will continue to annoy the heck out of the rest of the characters (because it is oh-so entertaining to watch).

My Rating: 9/10


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