TV Review: “Hindsight” – Interesting Dilemma

Written by Caitlin Cooper February 03, 2015


Have you ever regretted decisions in your life that ended up in heartbreak and stress? What if you were given the chance to go back and make different choices? Would you do it? What would you do differently? That’s the premise of VH1’s new show called “Hindsight”. It explores the possibility of re-writing our past so we can have a different – and hopefully better – present and future.


In “Hindsight” on the night before Becca’s (Laura Ramsey) second wedding, this time to childhood friend Andy (Nick Clifford), she has serious second thoughts about getting married again, especially since it didn’t turn out too well the first time. Her impending wedding day is made even more difficult by the absence of her ex-best friend. How did her life end up like this? And why does everything feel so wrong? After passing out in an elevator, Becca wakes up in the ’90s on the morning of her wedding day to her first husband, Sean (Craig Horner). It’s an event which she considers as having changed her life for the worst. Becca has some decisions to make, and they won’t be what everyone expects because this time Becca plans to make the right choices for herself.

“Oh, you know, just questioning every decision I ever made.”

The premise of “Hindsight” is really interesting because it takes a concept that I’m sure many people have joked about, and actually explores it seriously. And maybe Becca’s journey is one that will, generally, be relatable to a lot of people who say or think, “If only I hadn’t (insert blank action or choice here).” Part of what makes Becca’s story so compelling is that when we meet her, on the evening before her second wedding, she’s scared and unsure about the future. She’s questioning everything about what she’s about to do, about what she’s done. She’s afraid to disappoint people but even more scared of disappointing herself. Also, it’s interesting to see Becca compare the love she had/has for both of her fiances. With Sean, everything was intense and passionate. With Andy, everything is sweet and easy. To me, it seems like the time travel in “Hindsight” will also allow Becca some closure in confronting what really happened between her and Sean and why they were so in love. Aside from that, Becca is also trying to save her friendship with Lolly (Sarah Goldberg) and maybe prevent her brother from going down the dark road he will eventually take. But is all of this meddling really good? After a few episodes, the only thing Becca’s accomplished is creating a clean slate for herself, but that doesn’t really seem like the answer. She needs to reevaluate things and think before she acts. Maybe that’s one of her problems.


The cast of “Hindsight” is good. Ramsey (from “She’s the Man” and “The Covenant”) plays a more mature character than we’ve seen previously and adds a moving vulnerability to the character who’s so confused about her life. Horner’s (formerly in “Legend of the Seeker”) acting is some of the best on the show, especially after he and Becca have a huge fight in the second episode. While Clifford’s character Andy is fairly bland in the present, in the past he’s one of the most interesting characters thanks in part to Clifford’s acting. John Patrick Amedori’s character brings an interesting sub-plot to the story, and his acting is at once moving and funny.

“If you worry about every decision you make, you’ll be too afraid to take risks.”

Overall, “Hindsight” is an interesting show which explores the idea of changing the past if given the chance. At this point in the show, however, it feels like not much is being accomplished since Becca is no closer to deciding who she wants to be with, and now she’s going to have to start over with everything in her life. I hope the show has a clear goal or message in mind to make watching it worth while. But I am interested in seeing where Becca’s choices take her, and what she’ll continue to change in her past.

My Rating: 7/10


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