TV Review: “How to Get Away With Murder” – Get Ready to Be Addicted

Written by Marisa Brkovich October 22, 2014

how to get away with murder

Remember when everyone and their grandmothers were freaking about “Breaking Bad”? If you didn’t follow the show religiously you were shunned by your friends, family and, in my case, the teachers at school. Let me just blatantly state that “How to Get Away With Murder” has all the potential to become the next “Breaking Bad”. A bold statement, but a true one.


“Never take a learning opportunity away from another student. No matter how smart you want everyone to think you are.”

“How to Get Away With Murder” was created by Peter Nowalk, a familiar name to all you “Grey’s Anatomy” fans. Viola Davis, Aja Naomi King, Alfred Enoch, Karta Souza, Matt McGory and Jack Falahee are the key actors. Enoch will be a recognizable face to any “Harry Potter” fans. The show is a thrilling drama drenched in sex, love and deception as it chases the lives of five eager law students working for the powerful Dr. Annalise Keating (Davis), law teacher/ferocious criminal defence lawyer. Students and interns Wes (Enoch), Connor (Falahee), Michaela (King), Asher ( McGorry), and Laurel (Souza) battle it out to be top of the class while working together to defend some of the most heinous criminals Philadelphia has ever seen.

how to get away with murder

Unlike most shows that have a build up to the drama, “How to Get Away With Murder” chucks you head first into the most intense events, but in the best way possible. You are introduced to Dr. Keeting and her bold, fearless personality and excellent one liners; the five main law students; their first case; an affair; another possible murder; and behind the scenes of how defense lawyers work to allow murders to walk free. For warning, this show may make you loose complete faith in our legal system – especially the power and intelligence behind our crown attorney – but it makes for excellent TV. There is constantly so much happening, and multiple things going on at once that it may seem slightly difficult to follow at first. That feeling quickly dissipates and confusion turns into excitement. In my case, it turns into complete addiction.

how to get away with murder

Each episode of “How to Get Away With Murder” starts the same way: at a homecoming party. What is supposed to be a night for all university students to party and consume mass amounts of alcohol turns into the scariest night of the the main characters’ lives. Each episode reveals bits and pieces of what happened that night, and you have to piece together the mystery. “How to Get Away With Murder” then flashes back to the months and weeks leading up to the night of the bonfire. If you seem a little lost at times, don’t panic. I repeat DO NOT PANIC, everything will play our beautifully before your eyes and you will quickly adapt to the shows tendencies to jump back in forth between flashbacks.

“Think carefully. Everything after this moment will not only determine your career, but your life.”

“How to Get Away With Murder” is very female-dominated. It is an excellent change in pace from the male-dominated crime shows and, if I do say so myself, with no gender bias. It’s a refreshing change. The law students have passion; it’s inspiring to an undergrad like myself who needs motivation to study for her midterms. You know those shows you watch that just pump adrenaline into your veins, like the feeling you get after watching an intense action film? That’s the feeling you get after watching “How to Get Away With Murder”. These students dig through garbage cans, impersonate people, and deceive even those they care about to get ahead. It’s electrifying. “How to Get Away With Murder” blows any and all law shows out of the water, and encompasses everything an excellent show should be.

how to get away with murder

So, remember when everyone was freaking out about “Breaking Bad?” Now is your chance to not be that person that sits awkwardly at the table nodding along with not a word to contribute to the conversation because you chose to go out on Thursday night instead of watching “How to Get Away With Murder”. In fact, you can be the person out of all your friends to get them hooked, like I did with my friends. Then you will forever be the friend with the excellent taste in television. You’re welcome.

My Rating: 9/10

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