TV Review: “Killjoys” – Formulaic But Fun

Written by Michelle Young October 05, 2015


There are reasons why we have recipes and instructions: if you follow them exactly, you generally end up with a decent, reliable end product. And while this might stifle any creative innovation, it doesn’t mean that what you are getting isn’t good. “Killjoys” is the product of a great sci-fi recipe. With a fairly stereotypical premise and safe and reliable characters and plot, this show doesn’t offer anything new to the television landscape, but it is pretty darn fun to watch.

“Killjoys” depicts the various adventures and shenanigans of Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen), the leader with a mysterious upbringing; John Jaqobis (Aaron Ashmore), her long-time partner and best friend; and D’avin Jaqobis (Luke Macfarlane), John’s brother and former soldier. Together these three are part of the elite force of know as Reclamation Agents or Killjoys, galactic bounty hunters that owe their only allegiance to the warrant they are serving. Each episode follows them as they take on a different mission, which often involves navigating around the planetary system’s complex political and social structures.

“I have a headache, a badge and a gun. Behave.”

“Killjoys” maintains a fairly simple premise and doesn’t try too hard to stray away from its fairly episodic format. I actually found that this simplicity worked pretty well for the most part, as it kept the show from getting too caught up in the universe’s overly complex workings.They also didn’t inundate the cast with too many characters, allowing the audience to develop a report, which is important because there isn’t anything all that compelling about these characters to grasp on too. At the beginning, I didn’t think too much of the characters, but the more I watched, the more I could actually tolerate them. It was nice that “Killjoys” rarely got lost in its own butt, opting for ease rather than total over-complexity, which, for the most part, was a wise choice.


The only times when it felt played out was after the first couple episodes when you could start to predict which set piece would move into play, like a heavy metal fight scene or a scene with obvious sexual tension between Dutch and D’avin. “Killjoys” relied heavily on formula which often got a little too monotonous. The other thing that really bothered me was how often the dialogue was just answering expository questions or overt foreshadowing; it really brought you out of the fun “shoot em’ up” action and into a kind of space social studies course.

“I will take no sides, take no bribes, the warrant is all.”

It is safe to say that “Killjoys” main export is easy fun, offering up nothing too deep or complex. There were enough guns, sex, quips, and intrigue to keep the pace and tone at a steady level, with the ten-episode season never dragging too much. Sure, the characters are pretty basic tropes and the story-lines have been done before, but “Killjoys” has a certain charm about it that didn’t make it feel too annoying (except for the bad jokes, those are always annoying).

My Rating: 7/10


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