TV Review: “Legit” – It Really Isn’t

Written by Mitchell B February 09, 2013


If you haven’t heard of stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies, take a few minutes, watch the clip below, and treat yourself to some fantastic, raunchy, comedy. I can wait……. Now that you’ve seen how funny this man can be, prepare to be disappointed by his new FX comedy series “Legit.” It follows Jim, an Australian comedian living in Los Angeles, as he tries to follow his mother’s advice and become more legitimate, whatever that means.

“I wish you would be more legit!”

Unfortunately for fans of Jefferies the problems with this show starts with the premise. In the pilot episode Jim gets a phone call from his mother who tells him she wants him to become more legitimate. Apparently being a successful stand-up comic isn’t a quality career. The phone call seems to pop up out of nowhere, and now Jim has a new goal. But what exactly is “legit”? He’s not a drug dealer or a thief. His career choice is a perfectly legal and accepted way of making money. This whole idea is vague and is an odd starting point for building a series.

This decision to become legit somehow leads Jefferies to taking his best friend Steve’s (Dan Bakkedahl) paralyzed brother Billy (DJ Qualls) to a brothel so he can lose his virginity. The episodes since then have also featured similar plots, usually involving Billy and the wacky circumstances that arise when taking care of someone with muscular dystrophy: wiping his ass, masturbating him, etc. There is no attempt to explore anything deeper than dick and fart jokes, which really is a shame because the dick and fart jokes in this show are, shockingly, not very funny.


Give Me Something New!

Maybe Jefferies has lost his edge, but most of the humor in this show is surprisingly safe. Don’t get me wrong, compared to network sitcoms like “The Big Bang Theory” this show is fairly explicit. But if you’re used to Jefferies irreverent brand of dark humor, you expect more than typical jokes about airplanes that any self-respecting comedian would have thrown out.

There’s also the odd fact that Jim Jefferies is playing himself in this series: a crass Australian stand up comic who has achieved a great deal of success all around the world. And yet, we don’t hear anything about him doing stand up in this show. I know on “Louie” the celebrity status of Louis CK plays a large part in the show, and perhaps Jefferies didn’t want to imitate this convention in his show that also follows a stand up comic (on the same network). I can understand if this was the case, but there has to be another way of including the stand-up comedy aspect into the show. Listening to comedians talk about how they come up with their material is incredibly interesting (and was actually the initial plot of “Seinfeld”), so it would be great to see something like this take place on “Legit.”

“Too Legit to Quit”

I really wanted to like this show and add another comedy to my already full television slate. Unfortunately, I just never find myself laughing while I watch it, and isn’t that the most important part? There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to anything happening on this show. It’s mostly an excuse to make jokes about living in a wheelchair. Hopefully Jefferies can steer the ship back on course and infuse the show with the humour he’s proven himself capable of, because right now it looks like “Legit” is going the route of MC Hammer.

My Rating: 5/10



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