TV Review: ‘Letterkenny’ Season 2- Get At ‘Er

Written by Danielle Sing March 08, 2017


Last Christman, Crave TV (Bell Media’s Netflix), released the second season of its popular original series Letterkenny. This comedy about an isolated Northern Ontario farming community remains strong into the second season, with its banter and one-liners taking the most laughs. Still, Letterkenny‘s plot does drift for an episode, and it’s abandon of simplicity leaves you scratching your head. But as someone from a small farming town herself, I’m completely biased to how good the comedy is. Because it’s so true that it hurts.

Letterkenny, Ontario is a town of 5000 people, and these are their problems. Wayne (Jared Kesso), Daryl (Nathan Dales) and Dan (K Trevor Wilson) return to their produce stand, Reilly (Dylan Playfair) and Jonesy (Andrew Herr) join the senior Letterkenny Irish hockey team, and Katy (Michelle Mylett) starts to date Stewart (Tyler Johnston). Life in Letterkenny is at once simple and conflicting. Their problems include the AG (Agricultural) Hall, trying to find a stud for their German Shepherd, and the Natives on the nearby reservation.

“Not to be impolite but this gal suggested that maybe I should have some attentions paid to my butt’s hole.”

Letterkenny’s strength comes from its writing and comedy. The wit, vocabulary and authenticity of is perfection, as if you’re overhearding two farmers having a conversation at the end of their day. And it probably is. Jared Keeso is from Listowel, Ontario – a real town with only a few thousand more in population than the fictional Letterkenny. The situations, or problems, that the characters face can be hilarious, but the comedy isn’t situational. The banter is where the comedy is golden, as the writers have perfected creating a conversation completely out of one-liners. I’m looking at you Reilly and Jonesy.


Another great thing about Letterkenny is that it’s simple. The plots are short and only last one episode with a few quick moments that make a throughline plot. But there’s one episode that’s off this season. It may not seem worth it to criticize one episode in an entire season. But with only six episodes a season, each one should be as good as the rest. In episode five, Katy and Wayne hold a Dragons’ Den-like contest for what they should do with Uncle Eddie’s inheritance. Okay, that could be a funny premise, but then everyone pitches TV reality shows that already exist, and it’s unclear if they are aware of this.  Even though it’s not that complex of plot, it’s more complex than Letterkenny’s simple style. It makes this episode feel out of place among the rest of the season.

“Better to goldi-let this go before I goldi-lose my shit.”

Aside from one off-kilter, but still funny, episode, Letterkenny is hysterical, entertaining, and so true that it hurts. Even if you city slickers just see this as a show about hicks complaining about their non-problems, you should still watch it. Because everyone deserves to have a good laugh.

My Rating: 8.5/10


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