TV Review: “Outlander” – “The Way Out”

Written by Caitlin Cooper September 10, 2014


By now, you’ve probably heard of the time-traveling historical drama that’s quickly gained popularity on the small screen. Its mix of genres and popular source material have drawn in a wide array of fans. The first two episodes capture our interest with this sci-fi mystery that’s character-driven and fascinating. With each episode of “Outlander”, the plot becomes more complex, stakes become higher, and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) becomes more desperate to return to her own time. If you haven’t been watching this new show, you’ve been missing out on the wonder that is “Outlander”.


“The Way Out” picks up where “Castle Leoch” ends: with Claire being held against her will at the castle so Colum (Gary Lewis) can keep an eye on her until he determines whether or not she is an English spy. She wishes to confide the truth about herself and her situation, but she knows to do so would put her in danger in a time that’s very superstitious. Since during the day she’s confined to the basement surgery room, she sets to learning about healthcare in the 1700s. She’s shadowed by two of Dougal’s (Graham McTavish) men to ensure she doesn’t do anything suspicious, and to report on her activities. But the upcoming Gathering and ill children make things complicated for Claire, especially when she’s prevented from helping the children due to religious beliefs.

“Claire Beauchamp-Randall, promise you’ll return to me.”

A little treat we’re given is a flashback to when Claire and Frank (Tobias Menzies) were parting due to the war; Claire was headed to the front to be a combat nurse, and Frank was seeing her off at the train station. This brief scene provides an anchor for the show, and indeed also reminds us about what Claire is being kept from by being held prisoner and kept from returning to Craigh na Dun. Claire is also continuing to learn about the ways of the time, and Jamie gives her some advice on perspectives so she understands the people better and judges them a little less.


The friendship between Claire and Jamie (Sam Heughan) is still growing. They seem to understand one another, and they help one another when they can. I said before that it seems Claire will have to rely on this friendship in the future, and clearly that prediction is correct. Claire has him help her free a boy who is punished harshly for stealing food, and helps her discover what is causing a child’s strange illness. Jamie continues to confide in Claire, even though he doesn’t do so with people he’s known longer than her. It’s also quite funny when Claire teases Jamie about Laoghaire (Nell Hudson).

“There’s many things in this world we can’t explain.”

Each episode brings more and more entertainment, and it’s easier to become invested in the characters and “Outlander” as a whole. Colum treats a tailor with violence which made me angry at the laird, and sad for the tailor who unintentionally insulted Colum. When a priest behaves with cruelty towards Claire for trying to help a boy that is ill – not possessed like the family and the priest believe – I was angry. This episode has a plethora of instances which drew me into the story, and made me feel for the characters. Any successful film or TV show will do so.


Overall, the third episode of “Outlander”, called “The Way Out”, is another successful episode of this compelling sci-fi historical drama. With each episode, there’s always some new conflict working within the large conflict, there’s comedy, drama, and stunning scenery. I look forward to next weekend’s episode!

My Rating: 9/10

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