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Written by Emily Stewart July 12, 2014

Reckless, Lee Anne Marcus (Georgina Haig) Terry Mccandless (Shawn Hatosy) and  in "Reckless"

“Reckless” is anything but the dull drama I dreadfully expected after finding out the genre.  I am happy to say that I have finally found a summer drama that sizzles from the beginning. There’s a lot to like about the new crime drama. The cast performs each of their roles well. The characters can be quite punchy with each other, and the soundtrack complements the narrative. Best of all, there’s a strong female lead performance by Anna Wood. However, “Reckless” provides conflicting treatments of women in the show. When a woman is mistreated, it can be uncomfortable to watch; yet, it says quite a bit about our current society’s treatment of women.

An All Star Cast Taking on Great Characters

“Reckless” follows defense lawyer Jamie Sawyer (Wood) and her opponent Roy Rayder (Cam Gigadent). Both are professional in court, but there’s clearly romantic tension between the two. Even her boyfriend asks about Roy. The two are likeable characters, and both play their roles well. Roy’s long distance relationship with his two kids is heartwarming, and their conversation on Skype was very sweet. Jamie knows her stuff well, which makes her a good lawyer.

Reckless, Roy Rayder (Cam Gigadent) and Jamie Sawyer (Anna Wood) in "Reckless"

The other female star, Lee Anne Marcus (Georgina Haig) is a great character as well. She’s clearly discouraged after two events, and goes from being a police officer to a Hooters waitress. You’ll find yourself cheering for the character, and Haig does an impressive portrayal. This is my first exposure to her acting, and because of “Reckless” alone, I can’t wait to see her take on Elsa in “Once Upon A Time”.

“Don’t diss Hooters, you might end up working there.”

The two female protagonists of “Reckless” receive very different treatment. On the one hand, you have Jamie, a strong willed and independent lawyer who’s well respected. On the other hand, you have Lee Anne, who fools around with plenty of male officers, and is the only one fired from her job because of racy photos sent to other members of staff. There’s also a case surrounding a video of Lee Anne having group sex with a few officers, and Jamie’s boyfriend, Preston (Adam Rodriguez). Before she recognized the dress in the video, Leanne said she had no recollection of the night.

Reckless, Lee Anne Marcus (Georgina Haig) and Jamie Sawyer (Anna Wood) in "Reckless"

Lee Anne’s case is definitely an example of slut shaming, a current issue as part of rape culture. Hopefully, the case will get solved so the others involved are punished for participating and distributing the photos. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like the case so far. Just as Roy is about to show Jamie the missing footage featuring her boyfriend, it’s found that the footage is corrupt. The technical difficulty represents the way “Reckless” will handle the case. It’s sad to see Leanne treated this way, especially since she’s a strong female protagonist. I do, however, applaud creator Dana Stevens for accurately presenting slut shaming as a problem.

A funky soundtrack completes “Reckless”. My only complaints are that the Southern accents of the Charleston residents feel a little forced, and the cases they face each episode aren’t as interesting as the rest of the plot. Either way, you will get an hour well spent with this crime drama. Hopefully, the suspense in the show kicks up a bit more, and that the chemistry between Jamie and Roy doesn’t cheese up “Reckless”. Regardless, I’m excited to see how the narrative unfolds.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Reckless, Roy Rayder (Cam Gigadent) and Jamie Sawyer (Anna Wood) in "Reckless"

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