TV Review: “Regular Show” Season 4 – In Need of a Name Change

Written by Emily Stewart May 11, 2013


This picture explains everything

Cartoon Network’s “Regular Show”, which is now in its fourth season, does not live up to its name. It takes something so simple as working in a park, and making it as wacky as possible. That is not necessarily a bad thing, though, and the resolutions of each episodes are always fairly reasonable. While the show itself is episodic, it is highly recommended to watch the new season with watching at least the first few episodes ever.

“You Two, Clean Up This Mess, or You’re Fired!”

“Regular Show” follows Rigby the Racoon (William Salyers) and Mordecai the BlueJay (J.G. Quintel-also Hi-5 Ghost) two 23-year old best friends who work in a national park with their friends and co-workers Hi-5 Ghost, Skips (Mark Hamill), new intern Thomas (Roger Craig Smith), Muscle Man, Pops, and manager Benson (all played by Sam Marin). It is not as simple as that, however. While the static structure follows the characters trying to solve a problem, from trying to pass a fitness test to hosting a goodbye party to getting rid of troublesome geese, something outright bizarre occurs before a simple solution. Just before Rigby and Mordecai, for example, judge a pie contest fairly, a “promise” pie grants them assistance just before eating everyone who entered the contest.  Even though the episode structure is repetitive and sometimes predictable, “Regular Show” always has a punchy and plausible conclusion, and the narrative is sometimes so random it is hard to not be amused.


Although I jumped from a few episodes in the first season to the current season, and despite the greater appearance of love interests, the park employees have shown little to no growth, and are often snarky to each other. Actually, any narrative surrounding romance is where “Regular Show” falls flat. While female counterparts such as Mordecai’s crush Margaret (Jamie Haddad) are quite likeable characters, the humour and wit in the cartoon just seem too good for cheesy romance plots. With that in mind, the conflict before the resolution is outright wacky. One time, Muscle Man didn’t want his year-long girlfriend Starla (Courtneay Taylor) to know he was bald (it ended up being a bad haircut), so he flexed his chest so it would distract her, but then it would not stop and ended up distracting the rest of the ladies. This made Starla jealous to the point where Muscle Man had to confess about his hairdo, but she didn’t end up caring and just loved him for who he was.

“I’ve got an adrenaline rush, and I feel like I’m going to crash!”

What “Regular Show” lacks in original romance plots, sure makes up in Rigby and Morticae just goofing around at the park. Often, the cartoon will feature not only the characters playing video games, but will incorporate aspects of it right into the episode. Even so, the pair will crack around a few rude jokes from time to time, pig out on junk food, and will holler in excitement a lot. Honestly, if I didn’t know these characters were in their 20s, I would’ve assumed they were in their mid to late teens for sure.


The best aspect of “Regular Show” is their theme of classic rock music, especially the soundtrack. Classic rock hits such as “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy and “Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet have been featured on the show, which will often create Classic rock bands specifically for “Regular Show” where they perform in the park. Since outdoor concerts, especially in major city parks, are a big deal for the young adult during the summer, “Regular Show” has done a superb job in this aspect.


If you want a simple cartoon about ordinary situations handled in pure realism (as much as a cartoon can get, really), then perhaps “Regular Show” isn’t for you. To be honest, I feel it has that title as a form of irony. However, if you like snappy, punchy, and unique dialogue in seemingly normal situations, then this is worth watching.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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