TV Review: “Resurrection”- The Mystery Begins

Written by Emily Stewart March 25, 2014

The Cast of Resurrection

“Resurrection” adds to the latest trend of media about the undead. My sister and I concluded the other day that there’s an undead craze right now. Just look at the publicity “The Walking Dead” is receiving. Before then “The Twilight Saga”, whether you loved it or loathed it, was a popular topic past the high school lockers. “Resurrection”, however, isn’t a show about either zombies or vampires. The narrative surrounds family members appearing back in town, long after they were decreased. It’s certainly a chilling plot, and the past two episodes of “Resurrection” were decent introductions to the mystery. That said, it is a bit slow paced, and there’s a lot of ambiguity so far. However, given the topic of the show, that’s not a bad thing at all.

Zero Evidence

The show begins with J. Martin Bellaman “Marty” (Omar Epps) finding Jacob Langston (Landon Gimenez), a young boy, in China.  After he is brought home to Arcadia, Missouri, his father Henry (Kurtwood Smith), informs Marty he’s been deceased for over 30 years. A few minutes later, Jacob runs up to his stunned father. His closest friends and family are just as confused as Marty is. The next episode picks up where it left off, when Elaine’s (Samarie Armstrong) dad Caleb (Sam Hazeldine) is brought back to life. Both of the characters appear exactly the same as they did before they died as well.

Jacob playing Donkey Kong in "Resurrection"

“Resurrection” doesn’t offer much explanation, if any at all, as to why this is happening. It certainly is a mystery. This is especially evident with Jacob. Really, he’s like any other kid his age who enjoys video games and has a fairly innocent and upbeat personality. If it wasn’t revealed he died so long ago, there would be no way of telling. Jacob also picks up on the fact it’s been many years since his death, even asking his now grown up best friend Tom Hale (Mark Hildreth) if he died. It’s believable, especially since the kid first appeared to have no idea that he died. Since it’s been 30 years however, it’ll be difficult for him to catch up on the family. He and his close companions will also have a hard time trying to hide what happened. The narrative is a bit unrealistic here, but the time gap adds spookiness to his disappearance.

Under Investigation

For a show with confused characters about the issue, “Resurrection” sure has a slow pace. If you’re impatient to find out what happens, waiting week after week for the next chapter of this serialized tale might not be the best for you. The pace suits the narrative, however. I’d rather also have this show take it’s time to find out the mystery. “Resurrection” would not be as intriguing if it was rushed. It also makes sense for the acting, particularly in Smith’s performance. He is the first to say that Jacob had died long ago, and he is stunned when his kid is found. It would certainly take a while to sink in, if someone long gone suddenly came back. Likely wouldn’t happen in real life, but the reaction in this scene is very appropriate.

Marty and Jacob in "Resurrection"

While the investigation has only begun it’s a touch obvious what will happen. It wouldn’t be a shock if other deceased characters mentioned in the dialogue also had a “Resurrection” of their own. With the way the show’s been going so far, it’ll likely happen. Though the narrative drags on, it certainly is an interesting one. Hopefully some hints can be dropped in here and there to make “Resurrection” even more interesting to watch. Either way, the show brings a slightly new twist onto a stale trend.

My Rating: 7/10

The cast of Resurrection

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