TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 10 – “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”

Written by Hana Elniwairi November 27, 2012


This week’s episode of “Revolution” was the series’ fall finale. Charlie & Co. are finally in Philadelphia, but they are soon caught -with the exception of Miles- and sent to Monroe. There, Charlie finally reunites with Danny and Rachel. Meanwhile, Miles is attempting to find Monroe. When the inevitable confrontation occurs, the two best friends engage in an interesting conversation, where each challenges the other to be the first one to pull the trigger, but neither does. “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” ends with Monroe finally powering one of the fighter jets in his arsenal.

In Which Monroe Steals “Revolution”

If this was intentional, then bravo to the people behind “Revolution” because last night’s shining star was Lyon’s Sebastian Monroe. From flashbacks revealing the old Monroe, to the real-time scenes, Monroe proved himself to possibly be the most interesting character on the show. Lyons is really quite good at playing the psychotic, clingy bestfriend. The flashbacks this week took us right into the heart of Miles’ and Monroe’s friendship throughout the years, and revealed the latter’s heartbreaking backstory, making their eventual clash that much more powerful and effective.

The one thing that I am unsure of, however, is whether it was wise to make Monroe so sympathetic last night. While I recongnize that he is batshit crazy and power hungry, there was a point last night where it seemed entirely plausible that you could not only sympathize with Monroe, but possibly root for him as well. This should be an interesting thing to explore when “Revolution” returns. It could work out well, by providing an antagonist who is complex, and has what I can see as a justifiable reason to hate Charlie & Co. You may not agree with him, but you can see where he’s coming from.

And Reunions Take Over

“Nobody’s Fault But Mine” inevitabley featured many reunions. The trick is to present them in a way where they are not too cheesy. And for once, “Revolution” delivered on that on every single reunion they featured this episode. The first is the Rachel and Charlie reunion. This one was particularly important because I finally found a scene with Charlie where I actually believed and empathized with her. The reunion with her mother was not tearful, it was not sweet, but it was brutal in that there was an obvious gap between the two women. It is clear that Charlie will not simply forgive and forget the fact that Rachel pretty much abandoned her family, leaving them thinking she was dead.

Another reunion was the much-anticipated Miles & Monroe clash. These scenes were done very well, as Billy Burke and David Lyons seem to have great chemistry. Miles was finally faced with making the decision between his bestfriend and his family, and, as expected, he chose the latter. The fight scene following that worked very well; basically, their entire reunion was effective.

M.I.A: Randall & Grace

The one thing I noticed was the absence of Randall and Grace. Two weeks ago, it was revealed that he was working on some sort of project that will most likely spell trouble for everyone. Throughout “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”, there was this feeling that Randall was going to crash the party somehow. Alas, it seems as though that is something saved for the rest of the season, but it is certainly one of the more exciting aspects of “Revolution”.

Overall, “Revolution”‘s fall finale delivered on its promise. The wait till March seems a bit daunting, but at least we know that when the show is finally back, the chase for Danny is over. From the look of things, the second half of “Revolution” will be much more revolutionary, and pretaining to what the show initially promised.

My Rating: 8.5/10

Next Week Year

When “Revolution” returns in March 2013, the show will most likely focus more on the struggle for power, and keeping power. It should also be entertaining to see how Charlie & Co. get out of the cliffhanger “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” left us with. Until then, go back and re-watch and re-read the previous episode reviews!

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