TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 11 – “The Stand”

Written by Hana Elniwairi March 26, 2013


Welcome Back, “Revolution”!

Back from a 4-month hiatus, “Revolution” picks up with Charlie & Co., along with her mother, Rachel, and her newly-rescued brother, Danny, escaping from Monroe’s clutches, only to find that he has activated the amplifier using the amulet, and is now powering his own line of fighter jets.

Even with a fighter jet chasing them with machine guns, Charlie & Co. manage to escape, and hide amidst the flames – literally. As unbelievable as it may seem, I’ll allow it. Mostly, Monroe’s reaction to Charlie & Co.’s escape is what makes it alright; he has completely given up on that whole obsession every villain seems to have with murdering their foe, and is moving on to bigger and better things, i.e. destroying the rebels and ruling over the universe.

Evil Plans, We Are Making Evil Plans

The most progressive thing this episode has brough to the table is the fact that the forces of evil are no longer working separately. Randall is apparantly at some important building, no doubt full of more scary machinery to add to his growing army, and is forcing Grace to fix an elevator to get to a floor that contains something of importance. “Revolution” seems very fond of keeping that shroud of mystery over everything, and in this case, it’s working well enough.

But Randall is also reaching out to Monroe, as seen by the end of the episode. It’s not clear what he has in mind, but it may be that Monroe has just met his match. The best part of it all is the unintentional humour that arises from using the fact that Randall drove to Philadelphia to signify jusy how powerful he is, in a world lacking in power. It’s that kind of detail that was missing from the first part of this season of “Revolution”, and we will hopefully be seeing more of this.


Sons Dying Everywhere

Remember those 10 previous episodes?. . . Yeah, they were sort of pointless, so pretend they never happened. Chase across the country for Danny? What’s the point, he’s dying the episode immediately after he’s found!  Yes, this episode ends with Danny sacrificing his life in order to protect his family and the rebels still alive. It’s not entirely clear if this is a wise move just yet; after all, “Revolution” spent the entire first half of this season on the search to get Danny back . . . and now he’s dead. This could ultimately end up working really well, and fueling everyone’s motivation to get back at Monroe. But there is also the possibility that his death makes everything in the show quite pointless, sine no one needed Danny dead to hate Monroe to begin with. We’ll have to wait and see.

Along with literal deaths of sons, there are the figurative deaths. Neville and Jason/Nate have finally come to blows, when Neville decides that he will destroy the rebel camp with Charlie & Co. despite his son’s reservation. When Jason clearly won’t go along with the plans, Neville pretty much disowns him and declares his death to Monroe. This plotline certainly gives Jason some much needed character development, and allows us to look forward to what “Revolution” has in store for him.


One of the other things that was done rather well this episode is the portrayal of shock in the youngsters of “Revolution”. These are people who may have grown on violence and tyranny, but they’ve never seen such weapons that are capable of wiping out entire villages in a few minutes. Both Charlie and Jason/Nate react appropriately to this, and I only wish we had seen more.

Overall, “Revolution” returns with a solid episode. A lot is going on, and “The Stand” leaves us wanting more. The only question is this: why did “Revolution” wait ten episodes in until the actual revolution aspect of it began? Had the show introduced an episode such as “Stand” much earlier on, there would have been a lot more interest, and everything would have been so much more entertaining. At any rate, it’s good that “Revolution” is finally living up to its name.

My Rating: 8.5/10


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