TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 12 – “Ghosts”

Written by Hana Elniwairi April 09, 2013


This week in “Revolution”, Charlie & Co. must deal with the death of Danny, who they spent months searching for and trying to retrieve. Charlie seems to have emotionally shut down, while Rachel is the complete opposite. Miles has resolved to kill Monroe, and believes they need to connect with an old friend, an ex-general of the Monroe Republic, to get that done. However, as per usual, not everyone is on the same page, and persuading Miles’ friend might be a little harder than expected.


Of the two women grieving Danny’s death, Elizabeth Mitchell’s Rachel is most definitely the more realistic and effective portrayal of grief, as she repeatedly attempts to connect with her daughter, who is simply having none of it. Rachel is obviously torn apart by the loss of her son, and watching her attempting and failing to bring Charlie closer to her is absolutely heartbreaking. So far, Rachel and her storyline have pretty much been the saving grace of “Revolution”, and it’s looking like they will keep that up.

Flashback Time!

“Ghosts” really focused on expanding on Randall’s history in the flashbacks. We find out that before the black out, he was the Assistant Secretary of Defence. More importantly, his motives for killing the power are revealed to be his son’s death in the war in Afghanistan. I have mixed feelings about these revelations: on the one hand, it’s good that “Revolution” is trying to expand on the character, instead of making him a one dimensional villain, but it might be that the revelation came too early. Randall’s character has been effective regardless, and perhaps dropping hints to his past slower might have been more effective.

“We are killers, Jim. That’s all we are.”

Ever since “Revolution” started, Miles’ battle against his past life as a killer and a general in the Monroe Republic has been a central issue. This week, Miles completely gives up fighting that battle, and his harsh words to a fellow ex-militia leader, Jim, highlight the bleakness of his life. In his eyes, all he will ever be is a killer, and his efforts to make that okay by killing Monroe will be interesting to watch over the next few weeks. Additionally, the character of Jim does not seem at all a fan of Miles. There is always the possibility of an internal breakdown in Charlie & Co., and I for one believe that would be quite entertaining.


We Need to Talk About Charlie

Since “Revolution” started, one thing has been constant: Charlie seems to fail at anything which requires her to exhibit appropriate or understandable emotions. This week, the goal was to have her so shocked and devastated by Danny’s death that she becomes an emotionless robot. That would have worked well, had Charlie initially, throughout the series, exhibited a wide range of emotions. Instead, Charlie came off the same as she does every week, and the potential to show how much Danny’s loss has affected her is lost.

Overall, this episode was frankly nothing special. It was not terrible, but it felt like a filler until things get going. The issue is that it feels like this keeps happening quite a bit with “Revolution”, and it’s starting to get tedious. Oh, and one other thing: Aaron is supposed to have been a computer geek, he worked for Google, for goodness’ sake, yet it took Rachel spelling it out for him to realise that the pendants were actually just USB’s? What kind of a computer scientist are you? That is all.

My Rating: 6.5/10

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