TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 13 – “The Song Remains the Same”

Written by Hana Elniwairi April 09, 2013

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This week in “Revolution”, Charlie & Co. are once again face to face with Neville, this time with a definite upperhand. The group is split on what to do with him, with Rachel wanting him dead immediately, and Miles wanting to keep him for information. Meanwhile, Monroe and Randall continue plotting their way to world domination, more members of the Neville family appear, and Rachel reveals the secret of the blackout . . . again.

Family Breakdowns

An overarching theme of “Revolution” has always been family, and how important it is, and “The Song Remains the Same” continues exploring this topic, but this time, by testing those familial bonds and, in some cases, tearing them apart. We’ll start with Capt. Neville’s family. Having declared their son dead, Tom and Julia Neville must keep up pretences, but this becomes tough when Neville comes face to face with Jason, who is alive, well, and, oh, he’s a rebel now. Kudos to “Revolution” for nearly tricking us by making us think Jason was actually going to fall for his father’s manipulative tactics, then subverting our expectations by showing how alike Jason and Capt. Neville really is, when the former betrays his father. The trick with Jason is that we haven’t seen much character development in him, and so this episode was a refreshing change, and gave him much-needed development. It may be too early to tell, but Jason might not be such a wasteful character after all.

The other family of interest is, of course, the Mathesons. After losing Danny, it’s looking like Rachel will go to any lengths to keep Charlie by her side. But when Charlie’s coping strategies and ideologies align her more with Miles than with her mother, Rachel finds herself without a purpose. One thing “Revolution” and Elizabeth Mitchell did extremely well this episode is highlighting the significance of Rachel deciding to leave on what is essentially a suicide mission to turn the lights back on. Rachel’s emotional trajectory through this episode is clear and perfect, and quite frankly, she’s the only one whose mission truly lives up to what “Revolution” is all about. ‘Take Back the Power’ is the show’s slogan, and really, only Rachel is trying to do anything about that.

Everybody Hates Neville

The conclusion by the end of this episode of “Revolution” is that everyone hates Neville. Monroe will be after him because he’s no longer loyal to him, Randall never liked Neville, Charlie & Co. have plenty of reason to hate him, and basically, Neville has no friends. Now that he and Julia are on the run, it will be interesting to see what happens. The only problem is that there are already so many different sides to this “Revolution”; separating Neville might just make them get lost in the shuffle, which would be a shame, as he is one of the show’s best characters.


Romancing the “Revolution”

For some reason, “Revolution” feels the need to force feed us romantic storylines. The latest development is a heated kiss between Rachel and Miles. One question. WHY. There seems to be absolutely no reason for the introduction of this relationship, aside from the fact that they’re both attractive middle-aged people, so they should be together. Miles already has a little love interest in Nora, but I suppose throwing in the Rachel wrench in that relationship is a way to give Nora something to do, because she has been quite idle lately. But it still feels very forced, and that is sad.

There is still hope, since Rachel and Aaron (who from now on shall be referred to as Science Geeks) are off to restore the power. So here’s to hoping this new romantic development won’t disrupt the rest of “Revolution”.

My Rating: 7/10


Next Week

We leave the Monroe Republic and get a glimpse at how other people run things, when “Revolution” takes us back to “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”.

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