TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 14 – “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”

Written by Hana Elniwairi April 23, 2013



In this week’s “Revolution”, Charlie and Miles are set to chase a nuke Monroe has sent to Georgia, while Rachel and Aaron make their way to the mysterious Tower.

Science is Cool . . . But Scientists are Scary

Rachel’s and Aaron’s trip leads them to Jane, a freaky, deadly scientist, who’s a whiz with electricity  and manages to fry two bandits without even touching them. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but according to “Revolution”, it is. But, while Jane seems interesting and scary, I can’t help but wonder why Randall, who’s equally crazy, hasn’t tried to reach her yet, considering she has power and he can probably track her. It’s inconsistent, and, unless explained in the future, it’s pretty annoying. If I were Randall, I’d want a badass like Jane on my team.

Rachel continues to be pretty much the only really interesting character in the series, as more and more about her is revealed. Remember a couple of weeks ago, after Danny’s death, when she pulls out a strange device from inside his body? Yeah, it turns out, that device was the only thing keeping Danny alive, what with his respiratory problems and all. Even more interesting? Rachel, knowing the destroying the nano-bugs would kill that device and Danny, has been delaying turning the power back on. Pretty selfish, no? Even worse, Rachel has come to see Jane, whose lover is being kept alive by those nano-bugs as well, and asks her to help destroy them.

Rachel’s actions are selfish, and she has proven to be one of the more unpredictable characters on “Revolution”, but it’s precisely this grey nature of hers that makes her the only one worth watching. Everything she’s done so far appears to be motivated by good, but there are always darker reasons beneath her words. She could have destroyed the nano-bugs a long time ago, but not at the expense of her son’s life, yet she has no problem asking Jane to pretty much condemn the love of her life.


Meanwhile in Georgia . . .

Miles runs into a ghost from his past. What? Sounds familiar? Oh, right, Miles has been constantly running into ghosts from his past since the beginning of this show, and it is getting a bit tiring, especially as so many seem to have meant so much to him. He betrayed Person X while working for Monroe, and now he feels oh-so-guilty about it. It’s great that Miles’ dark past is being emphasized, and it works for the dramatic tension, but there comes a point when it gets tiring that the same tool is being used to reveal his past.

The big reveal concerning Miles’ this time is not much of a reveal. When Rachel was captured by Monroe, Miles had something to do with it, and Alec, Miles’ former protege, urges Charlie to find out what it is. This will most likely be a trend in the next episode or two until we find out exactly what Miles has done. After all, Charlie needs something to whine about, now that her mother’s gone, and Danny’s dead.


General Matheson Returns?

At the end of this week’s “Revolution”, Georgia’s President Kelly Foster (who, by the way, Miles has also betrayed in the past somehow!) joins forces with the Rebels, and they plan to take down Monroe. This is big because Georgia has money, and lots of it, which means they also have weapons, etc. The only question I was left with is what will happen to the pendant that Miles took after disarming the bomb. He hasn’t given it to Foster, but who knows, it might crop up in the future. I’m certainly hoping it will.

One good thing that came out of the emphasis on Miles’ past this week is that when President Foster gives him all the men and weapons to lead the Rebels against Monroe, she asks if he’s ready to be a General again. Having just seen how devastating and brutal Miles was as General Matheson, it should be interesting to see how he handles all that power the second time around.

My Rating: 8/10


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