TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 15 – “Home”

Written by Hana Elniwairi May 05, 2013



This week, “Revolution” goes to Miles’ and Monroe’s hometown, in an attempt from the latter to draw out Miles and kill him, once and for all. Meanwhile, Rachel and Aaron cross over to the Plains’ Nation, where they run into an unexpected old friend.

“Revolution” Outside the Monroe Republic

One of the things I didn’t get to mention last week is how well “Revolution” has been doing in showing life outside of the Monroe Republic. Last week we got a glimpse at filthy rich Georgia, this week Aaron & Rachel stopped by the Plains Nation, and I cannot wait until we meet infamous Texas. The best thing about showing life outside Monroe Republic is that “Revolution” finally reveals that logistics issues, such as why they couldn’t make use of non-modern technologies, are a problem of Monroe’s land, seeing as Georgia has full use of steam power, and contact with the world outside the U.S. too!

Many Returns

This week, “Revolution” made good use of characters we may have forgotten about or possibly never cared for, starting with Aaron. Finding his wife after all this time provided Aaron with a chance at redemption and restoring what was lost, but though he does sort of get closure, it’s bittersweet when Percilla reveals she’s heading to Texas to find her family. This episode gave Aaron’s character some much needed resucitation and development, although I’m still unsure if it’s enough.


Other returning characters include Mark Pellegrino’s Jeremy, who, for some reason, is a refreshing face, and really, the perfect right hand man to Monroe, as he’s basically the definition of a yes-man. Here’s to seeing more of him . . . alive. Neville also makes a surprise return at the end of “Home” which should prove very interesting. Neville, working with the good guys? I sense a whole lot of tension, manipulation, and betrayals ahead, and frankly I can’t wait.

Back Home

On to the more serious notes of this week’s “Revolution”, Monroe takes everyone back to his hometown and deep into his seriously messed up psyche. We learn that Miles and Monroe really were close; they shared everything, including a girlfriend! In all seriousness, the dynamics of Monroe’s and Miles’ past friendship is giving “Revolution” lovely levels of subtext and meaning, and saving Monroe from being a caricature villain. Is he still erratic, psychotic, and somewhat childish? Yes, but “Revolution” gives him reasons to be that way. You may not agree with him, but at least you can see where he’s coming from. The same is true of Miles, but I’ve already talked extensively about how well Miles’ character is constructed.


Overall, this week’s “Revolution” was quite good. “Home” did a great job in propelling the plot forward, and getting everyone excited about it. It will be interesting to see if Emma was telling the truth or simply bluffing about Monroe having a son. Most importantly, it will be oh-so-much fun to see what happens to Charlie & Co. now that they have to put up with Neville. The man is a conniving bastard, and he definitely knows how to push everyone’s buttons. The best thing about him, though, is that we will never be truly sure where his allegiance lies, and aren’t those the most exciting kinds of characters? They are.

More on “Home”

– Does Miles have a new girlfriend every episode? It seems like it.
– Charlie, no one believes you when you say you would have killed Emma. Sorry!
– Nora needs to find something to do and soon.
– Whatever happened to loverboy Jason? He was finally getting interesting but now he’s gone….

My Rating: 9/10


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