TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 16 – “The Love Boat”

Written by Hana Elniwairi May 07, 2013



This week’s “Revolution” opened with Neville and Miles hatching a plan to capture a scientist who works for Monroe, and instead force him to help Georgia, much to Charlie’s and Nora’s chagrin. Meanwhile, Rachel suffers a terrible injury, and it seems that there is more to Aaron than meets the eye.

Charlie Gets ‘Tough’

“The Love Boat” introduces Neville as an ally to Miles and the Rebels, but, as expected, tensions run high. After all, who wouldn’t be a little scared when the guy who spent the better part of 15 episodes trying to kill you is now on your side? However, “Revolution” has opted to have the highest tension between Neville and the younger generation, namely, Charlie and his son. While he and Miles clearly have their issues, I thought the fact that their strategies and mentalities are somewhat similar to be a very interesting choice, seeing as it adds more to Miles’ dubious morality and choices.

Charlie attempts to be Miles’ moral compass, and show him that holding the scientist’s family hostage is wrong. Theoretically, this is a great strategy. It adds more to the whole plot, because family values are part of what’s keeping Miles from going back to being the monstrous General Matheson. There is also the added parallelism between Charlie’s own family having been in the same situation as the scientist’s family is now. It makes sense for the issue to be personal and important to Charlie. But it is so very difficult to connect with Charlie and relate to her as a character when she never seems to develop. Until Charlie undergoes some drastic change, any plot “Revolution” puts her in is going to suffer.


The Tower

The ever elusive and mysterious Tower is shown again, and this time, Grace has finally figured out how to work its elevator. When Grace’s captor insists on going to check out the 7th floor of the Tower, he is killed. The big question is what the hell is in this Tower. Whatever it is, it’s capable of controlling the elevator, murder, and who knows what else. The Tower and its inhabitant(s) are becoming the most interesting part of “Revolution”, though I don’t think we’ll get to see too much of them, except in little snippets such as the ones we’ve been getting so far. This would work fine, so long as the plot with the Rebels and Monroe moves forward and maintains interest. Otherwise, “Revolution” really must shake things up, and I believe the Tower is the way to go.

Making the Tower plot even more interesting is the revelation that Aaron might actually not be as pointless as he seems! Rachel, after grotesquely breaking her leg, begs Aaron to leave her, and shows him something in Jane’s book to persuade him: a newspaper clipping of Aaron when he was in college, talking about some sort of genius discovery that he made. After the push Aaron’s character┬áreceived in┬álast week’s episode, this revelation is a much welcomed surprise, and it will probably be Aaron’s saving grace.


Trouble in the Monroe Republic

Prediction: Sebastian Monroe will not survive the first season. He has been getting progressively more erratic each episode, and making questionable choices. After the unwise confrontation he had with Randall this episode, one of them will have to go, and it will most likely be Monroe. On the grand scheme of things, Monroe’s demise would probably be best for “Revolution”, as it closes one chapter and allows the upcoming season to focus on the quest for power plotline.

Overall, this episode was somewhat routine for “Revolution”. Last week’s episode was a stronger one, but “The Love Boat” is just fine as well. It has certainly introduced interesting elements and relationship dynamics to the show that will most likely be played out and explored in the rest of the season.

My Rating: 7/10

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