TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 17 – “The Longest Day”

Written by Hana Elniwairi May 15, 2013



This week’s “Revolution” brings chaos, conflicting emotions, and separations. In “The Longest Day”, Monroe bombs the rebel and Georgia Federation camp, almost completely destroying them. Meanwhile, Rachel and Aaron figure out a way to cure her leg.

Pointless Flashbacks?

Anyone who has read my reviews so far knows that flashbacks are usually the better parts of “Revolution”. However, this week might change my mind about that. The flashbacks take us back to seven years after the black out, when Rachel gives herself up to Miles and Monroe. The revelation that the two of them had some sort of romantic relationship is not too surprising. In fact, it almost seems as though “Revolution” is hinting that Charlie might actually be Miles’ daughter. However, the content of the flashbacks is not the issue: the problem is the flashbacks appeared to come out of nowhere, and had very little to do with the plot of this episode. It seems that “Revolution” is trying to use the flashbacks to show why Miles absolutely must save Charlie, but that is completely unnecessary. By this point in the show, no one expects Miles to leave Charlie to her death.

That’s Not How Medicine Works . . . Is It?

Rachel, one of the best characters in “Revolution”, was all around problematic this week. The character itself is not the issue, but rather the plots and flashbacks she’s been placed in. In present day, Rachel is dying from her broken leg that’s bound to be infected, but Aaron refuses to leave her, so she reveals that the mysterious nanites can be programmed to cure her leg. I am not a scientist, but that made very little sense. It did not look like the way medicine works at all. I’ve put up with quite a lot of unbelievable things in “Revolution”, but this storyline seems unnecessary. Why couldn’t Rachel have gotten sick or anything else, to reveal to Aaron his importance to the nanite project? There are many other ways that it could have been worked that wouldn’t have necessitated Rachel’s injury.


Emotions Running High

Back at the Rebel camps, “Revolution” focuses on the relationships among our heroes – and former villains. Neville has a great episode to showcase the somewhat humane side that we’ve seen before: his family always comes first, even when it appears there’s no love lost between them. Although Neville is still very much a dark character, and he has a long way to go to be considered one of the ‘good guys’, this episode refreshed his character a little bit.

On the romantic side, Nora and Miles wake up from their rendevous, with the former regretting it; that’s a bit peculiar, since she was the one who initiated the whole thing. However, things get better for Nora and Miles, storyline-wise, when her prediction that one of them will eventually have to watch the other die almost comes true. While Nora does need some character development, her relationship with Miles is probably the most realistic one in the show, and this episode was pretty effective in showing the difficulty of their relationship.


Jason and Charlie seal the episode with a kiss. This relationship has been predicted since the very first episode, however, “Revolution” has not worked to develop it much more since then. Charlie and Jason as friends are great, and I can see them developing to something more, but the show has not given that relationship much attention, and it seems that the fact that they’re both around the same age, attractive, and single, a relationship is a must. That is a bit lazy.

Overall, this episode was sub-par. It begs the question of why Monroe has taken so long to bomb the rebels if he had the capabilities to begin with. “The Longest Day” had its moments, but for the most part, it was underwhelming and quite predictable. Here’s to hoping future episodes are better.

My Rating: 6/10

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