TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 18 – “Clues”

Written by Hana Elniwairi May 22, 2013



Nora tells Monroe of Rachel and the Tower. Charlie & Co. also head to the Tower, but along the way, they are sidetracked when they discover one of them has been working for Monroe all along. Meanwhile, Rachel goes on a suicide mission.

Characters vs. Plot

It seems that the real battle in “Revolution” is not actually the battle between Monroe and everyone else. Rather, I feel that it’s the inconsistent shifts between placing unequal amounts of importance on character and plot. There have been so many instances where “Revolution” has done something that I thought would be excellent, character-wise, if it’s developed, but then something absurd plot-wise happens the next week that completely cancels it out.

Let’s take Rachel’s character for example: she has consistently been an intriguing character, but over the last two weeks, “Revolution” has been messing with that. When Rachel left Charlie & Co., her only goal was to stop Monroe from killing more people. By last week’s episode, that motivation¬†inexplicably¬†changes to her only wanting to kill Monroe to avenge Danny’s death. Both storylines, separately, would have made for great characterization, but when they’re blended into one character, it becomes confusing. By the end of “Clues”, we can only view Rachel as an unhinged woman out for revenge. That being said, Elizabeth Mitchell does a great job portraying her as such, and it seems that the only way to defeat Monroe’s crazy is with more crazy.

Randall vs. Monroe

Two weeks ago, I made the prediction that Monroe would die this season, which would leave room for Randall to become the central villain. This week, it seems that Randall has lost all his power and authority. There are two ways I see this going. Monroe kills Randall and sticks around much, much longer, or Rachel successfully kills Monroe and Randall triumphs. I’m rooting for the latter option, because Monroe as a villain has outrun his entertainment value. We can’t take him seriously for much longer, and Randall knows much more about the Tower anyway. Either way, it’s looking like this season will definitely end with the demise of one of those characters.


The Tower is Under New Management

As always, the scenes in the Tower are ever so short and unsatisfying. In “Clues”, we only got a brief glimpse that showed that the Tower is now being run by a group of people who we’ve never seen before. One guess is that these are the scientists Randall has been hunting down all this time, including Grace. However, one unsolved mystery is who was on the 7th floor of the Tower? Randall couldn’t get to that floor; that’s why he desperately needed Grace to fix the elevators. And two weeks ago, when Grace’s guard went down to the 7th floor, we saw the bloody mess that came back. Could we possibly be looking at a third villain to join “Revolution”? Or is this an ally? If it is an ally, “Revolution” will have to work pretty damn hard to explain why this person hasn’t done anything to help anyone these past fifteen years.

A Game of Clue

The scenes featuring our favourite heroes explored the question of trust, and who can be trusted among Miles’s company. In the end, it turns out the Jim was the mole, which, if you think about it, was quite obvious. Jim never wanted to join Miles in this cause; he was practically forced into it. He has no reason to remain loyal to anyone, really. However, the uncertainty regarding Nora’s sanity and Jason’s loyalty made for an interesting game of Clue.


Overall, this week was a better episode for “Revolution”. It certainly left enough questions and interest to hopefully carry us through to the finale in two weeks time. Hopefully by then the mystery of the Tower will finally be revealed and live up to its hype.

My Rating: 7.5/10

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