TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 19 – “Children of Men”

Written by Hana Elniwairi May 30, 2013



This week’s “Revolution” takes nearly everyone into the Tower, where most of them get massacred brutally. Among those who survive, the lines between good and evil blur, shrouding everyone in grey.

Welcome to District 13 Level 11

Taking on another dystopian universe trope, “Children of Men” reveals the guards of the Tower, who have remained underground since the power went off fifteen years ago. These guards, led by a man called Dan, live solely to prevent anyone from reaching Level 12 of the Tower, which supposedly holds weaponry and technology that could devastate the world. They also reveal that if the power turns on again, the world might go up in flames. This whole technology thing is one of the weaker points of “Revolution”. The science and plausibility of the nanites is already shaky and hard to believe, but add to that this whole fire thing, and it’s even more implausible. Frankly, it seems as though the writers of “Revolution” just needed a reason to delay Rachel from turning the power back on.


Speaking of Rachel, “Revolution” seems intent on ruining her character with implausible events. The opening scene of “Children of Men” was such an instance, when the bomb that Rachel set off is somehow thrown far enough away from her and Monroe that they both survive. It’s such a big stretch, but Rachel needed to be caught by Monroe somehow, so that’s how it works! Monroe later made what happened seemingly less ridiculous by forcing Rachel to admit that she never really wanted to die; that her suicide-attempt wasn’t genuine.

Everyone Is A Good Guy

The antagonists of “Revolution” keep changing and switching sides, and the latest of these is Monroe himself. Now, to be fair, Monroe’s only redeeming moment this week was sparing Charlie’s life and sharing a bit of a heartfelt moment with Rachel. However, if Neville can join the good guys, who can’t? The dilemma isn’t who’s on the good side and who isn’t. It’s mostly that there doesn’t appear to be a major antagonist force. The only ones currently in the Tower are Dan and his family, who won’t let anyone go to Level 12. However, if you think about it, that’s not necessarily a negative thing. If Level 12 is as dangerous as everyone says it is, then Dan has every right to prevent anyone from going there.


So the question becomes this: are Charlie & Co. justified in wanting to turn the power back on? Couldn’t they simply take away Monroe’s powers instead, now that they have all these technologically advanced (and sci-fi-like; “Revolution” is really blending genres here!) weaponry? The Level 11 guys wiped out Monroe’s entire guard in a very short time with those things. It wouldn’t take long to annihilate his army.

Finale Predictions

With next week’s finale on the horizon, here are some predictions:

  • Miles & Monroe will fight to the death – most likely Monroe’s
  • It’s speculated that someone from Charlie & Co. will die, and going by storyline relevance, I’d say Nora.
  • Rachel will find her way to Level 12. Whether or not she’ll actually turn the power back on is debatable.
  • Randall will make an appearance. “Revolution” made it seem like he might have died, but I don’t think they’d completely forget to mention his death at all.


There are other things that I’ll hold off on predicting, such as the situation outside the Tower. Neville and Jason appear to be leading a coup d’├ętat on Monroe. There’s really not much they can do beyond rallying together. One possibility is them joining Charlie & Co., but that seems unlikely, seeing as Neville’s not exactly their best buddy. We have reached the end of “Revolution”‘s first season! Let’s hope the ropes are tied neatly enough that they leave us waiting for more next season!

My Rating: 7.5/10

Next Week (Finale!)

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