TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 2 – “Chained Heat”

Written by Hana Elniwairi September 27, 2012

“It’s like Dora; it’s like a big adventure!”…..Not quite.

After last week’s alright pilot episode, “Revolution” presented their second episode this Monday, and dare I say it, the episode may have comforted any doubts left behind by the pilot. This episode features many flashbacks detailing the immediate events following the blackouts, and give an interesting insight into the Matheson family dynamic and its members. Additionally, a new character is introduced, while the main characters are fleshed out a bit more.


The most interesting parts of this episode involved the development seen in almost all the characters. Starting with Charlie herself, we get a more in-depth view of who she is and why that is. The previous review on “Revolution” stated that Charlie was a weakpoint in the show; that may hold true still, compared to everyone else, but the young woman is certainly much more intriguing and relatable this time around. The flashbacks showing Rachel, the mother, telling Charlie that Danny is her responsibility, coupled with the outburst Charlie has about why this journey matters for her, definitely make her a much more likeable and realistic. By the end of the episode, she’s killing people, which is a huge step from last week, and portrayed this way as well. There is more conviction going all around in this episode.

Another Matheson who stood out was Rachel, the mother. Even before the big reveal involving her at the end of the episode, Charlie’s flashbacks throughout tell the audience that there is much more to this woman than what meets the eye. She kills a man in cold blood when her husband can’t do it. It is made clear that this is a woman who will go to any length to protect her family. So finding out that she was not actually dead by the end of the episode made sense. Not too much is revealed about what is going on with Rachel and Monroe, but, there is no doubt that’s something to be explored in future episodes.

The third striking aspect of “Chained Heat” was the dynamic of this dystopian world. There is much more time given to showcase the Monroe Republic and how they run things, as well as the difficulties and rebels that the republic must deal with. The scene with Monroe and his prisoner, as well as with Rachel, were perfect. They did an excellent job of demonstrating that Monroe is no easy, two-dimensional villain. He’s conniving and charming, but also extremely dangerous.

Other glimpses into society in “Revolution” were presented through Capt. Neville’s journey back to Monroe, and the patriotic rebels trying to bring back the United States. Neville keeps attempting to justify his violent actions, and is repeatedly questioned by Danny, who could be a great character, if he is given more lines. As for the patriotic rebels, this episode informs the viewers that at least one of them (Nora) will be important in the future. Nora herself is a mysterious character, whose relationship with Miles should be interesting.

So what’s the final scoop? “Revolution” did a bit better than last week with this episode, and if they keep this up, and add on to it, it will probably be a great hit. They have a plethora of potentially exciting and interesting elements, from the characters, to the dynamic between them, and the plot itself. They could do without some characters however, such as Nate, whose purpose seems non-existant, aside from being the obligatory pretty face every series apparantly needs.

My Rating: 8/10

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