TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 3 – “No Quarter”

Written by Hana Elniwairi October 04, 2012

“Can you boil everything down to getting laid?” “Yeah..”

The third episode of “Revolution” came with its fair share of ups and downs. On the bright side, “No Quarter” delivered some insightful scenes that made understanding at least one of the main characters easier, and introduced some new characters, at least one of whom was quite intriguing. But the episode also displayed a dependancy on flashbacks for its quality, as nothing else really seemed all that interesting.

The one clear aspect of “Revolution” this week was the focus on Miles. That on its own was quite a smart move, as he is one of the main characters, and it helps to know more about him. The big move here was the revelation that Miles Matheson was actually one of the founders of the Monroe Republic, the other being, naturally, Sebastian Monroe. This was something that was initially hinted at in the previous two episodes, but Miles’ level of involvement with the Monroe Republic was the ‘big surprise’.

Continuing on with what was good about the episode, we stumble upon this week’s newest villain, officer in the Monroe Republic, Jeremy. He is played by Mark Pellegrino (Jacob in “Lost” and Lucifer in “Supernatural”), who did an almost impeccable job in Jeremy’s portrayal. The one thing that worked best with him was the fact that Jeremy knew Miles from just after the blackout, so he provided a different view of the man than what we’ve seen thus far. All of the familiar faces to Miles are gone; some dead, some captured, some running crazy, psychotic republics. Jeremy provides a great opportunity to explore the real Miles Matheson, not the annoyed, cranky uncle forced on this quest by his niece.

Unfortunately, along with the good stuff, comes the bad. To start off, Charlie’s character still seems so fickle and annoying. She’s determined to get her brother, desperate to do so, but she can still make time to rescue a bunch of patriots. The only good thing about that scene was that the writers knew enough to actually address that fickleness through Miles questioning Charlie. Then there are the patriots themselves, including Nora, who seems tough as nails and ready to tackle anything. The only reason she’s aligning herself with the rebels is because, after having a miscarriage, she wants to make sure her next child is born in the U.S.A. Excuse me, but if the U.S and all other governments fell so quickly and disintegrated so horribly, what makes her think they’ll do any better if the Monroe Republic is overthrown?

One of the reasons “No Quarter” and the previous episode worked so well was because of the incorporation of flashbacks, which gave us a much needed understanding of many of the characters. In fact, in “No Quarter”, the flashbacks pretty much made the episode, and without them, it would have been much less entertaining. And that sort of dependancy on flashbacks and past events is the reason “Revolution” needs to step up its game with regards to the plot happening in real time. If the only reason for watching is to see the flashbacks, why not just start the show off right after the blackout happens?

With that in mind, hopefully, the next episode brings more interesting and exciting stuff to the plot. The flashbacks are always welcome and almost necessary; let’s just hope they’re not the only things hooking us on next week’s episode.

My Rating: 7/10

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