TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 4 – “The Plague Dogs”

Written by Hana Elniwairi October 12, 2012

“You’d think I could find one damn ship to take me home, but I never did.”

This week’s episode of “Revolution” came with the expectation of a character’s death, as well as the news that NBC has picked up the show for a full, 22-episode season. So how did it fair? Not bad at all, although things did not get that much better. The episode was great in revealing backstory, through -surprise surprise- flashbacks, and it featured a couple of interesting scenes with Capt. Neville and Danny. Rachel and Monroe also make a return in this episode, although a much less exciting one than their first appearance.

Right from the start of “The Plague Dogs”, you could easily tell who was going to die: poor, poor Maggie. The amount of time dedicated to her, and her story since the blackout was very telling, but, surprisingly, I did not mind that obviousness at all. Maggie’s backstory was heartbreaking and very intriguing, and Anna Lise Phillips did a great job at getting me to care about the character enough so that her death did occur, it was effective and emotional.

Moving on, we next see Danny and his capturers travelling before an impending storm. People who have read my review of the pilot might remember that I believed Danny has quite a bit of potential. Every so often since then, there is a glimpse of that, but “Revolution” keeps disappointing. “The Plague Dogs” could possibly be a step in the right direction. The interaction Danny and Neville have gives a little more insight into each of their characters. Esposito does an excellent job of presenting this guy who fully believes that he’s doing the right thing, for the right reasons. Having Danny repeatedly call Neville out on him being a monster creates an interesting dynamic.This time, however, Capt. Neville gets the upper hand, as he manipulates Danny into saving his life, preventing the boy from escaping. I do hope they utilize this interesting relationship some more in future episodes!

Rachel and Monroe are back. Their scene starts with Monroe declaring that he’s grown tired of persuading Rachel and that he’s finally introducing torture to the equation. But that begs the question of just how badly Monroe wants answers after all; he’s had Rachel captive for several years. Is he really that patient? And then, to top it all off, the episode ends with a reveal that nothing is working, and we are expected to believe Rachel has been through torture although she looks pretty unscathed. It just made very little sense at all. Let’s hope future episodes featuring those two will be a lot better.

Back to the good guys, Maggie is stabbed in an alteraction with a crazy guy with even crazier dogs, and she’s rapidly losing blood. That whole situation and everyone’s performance in it was great. . . .everyone except dear Charlie. Tracy Spiridakos cannot seem to get me to care about her at all. It’s bad enough that the young girl who played Charlie in a flashback was quite a bit more convincing than Spiridakos is. That creates a problem, because according to the other characters, Charlie’s this great, tough girl who’s worth everyone risking their lives for, but I just don’t believe it. Also, her whining, ‘everybody leaves me!’ when Maggie dies was just so irksome. Taking somebody’s death and making it all about you is just ….. it was so annoying.

Suffice to say, though, Maggie’s death served its purpose, brought everyone closer, and ensured Miles wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Oh yeah, and I should mention that Nate the Militia Guy is now travelling with the gang. The fact that I forgot about it kind of shows how important he is, doesn’t it?

Over all, the episode was not very different from the past three. Charlie keeps on being annoying, Miles’ character keeps on getting more interesting, and flashbacks continue to be some of the best scenes. Perhaps, though, things will get better, seeing that “Revolution” now has 18 more episodes to do so.

My Rating: 7/10

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