TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 5 – “Soul Train”

Written by Hana Elniwairi October 17, 2012

“I’m going to have to kill Monroe. I’m going to have to walk to Philly and kill my best friend.”

This week, “Revolution” stepped up their game majorly, and delivered a pretty amazing episode. It had its downfalls, but overall, it was a great step in the right direction.


“Soul Train” is probably the oddest title ever, but here is the rundown of what the episode was about. After burying Maggie, the gang starts heading to Noblesville, where the Militia and Danny are supposedly heading. As they arrive, lo and behold, people have finally figured out the mystery that is steam engines and Danny is to be taken via train to Philadelphia, where Rachel and Monroe are. Speaking of those two, we see that, faced with the prospect of her son getting hurt, Rachel will finally speak, and so Danny becomes that much more valuable.

Back in Noblesville, Charlie and Miles are out looking for Danny, and, as per usual, our heroine manages to get herself in trouble, Miles has to rush in and save her, thus blowing their cover. Way to go, Charlie! Meanwhile, Nora takes on a ‘for the greater good’ view and decides to blow up the train, only to have second thoughts after the bomb is planted. Capt. Neville and Danny get in a couple of great scenes, and loverboy ‘Nate’ finally becomes a little interesting!

Flashback Time!

I have resigned myself to the fact that flashbacks will continue to be a main focus of “Revolution”, but this week, they worked in a way that I was pleased with. The flashbacks this week focused on Neville and his back-story, but they weren’t the only interesting part of the episode; they were supplementary, and worked perfectly in that role. The best part of the flashbacks were the excellent choice of actors. It was almost immediately obvious exactly who Neville’s son was, so that when his wife revealed that ‘Nate’ is actually Jason Neville, it wasn’t too shocking, but I wouldn’t say it was too predictable. It was a back-story that worked, plus, I’m just glad ‘Nate’ seems to have some sort of relevance to the plot. Also, was I the only one who caught Miles implying that he knew who ‘Nate’ was all along? I hope not!

We Know What Monroe Knows

Another reason why “Soul Train” worked so well, and is probably the best episode “Revolution” has had so far, is because Rachel is finally cracking. She is the only person that we know who is safe and sound and knows what is going on with the power. This puts the viewer in a unique place; we are essentially Monroe. As long as Aaron has no idea what the pendant does, and as long as Monroe doesn’t know anything about the power, it will be pretty difficult to reveal anything to the audience. Yeah, he’s the villain, and him finding out about the power isn’t good, but we kind of need Rachel to talk, or else, our patience-much like Monroe’s- wears thin.

Thankfully, the ‘chase’ for Danny all around America should now be over. Charlie and the gang know where he is now, and they’ll go after him, but hopefully, that plot-line won’t run too long. This would leave space to explore the real problem here, and that is the power issue, and what to do about Monroe. There is also the inevitable confrontation/reunion of Miles and Monroe, which should be very interesting.

My Rating: 8/10

Next Episode:

“Revolution” takes a break next week, and returns on Monday Oct. 29th, when the gang take a detour to find some medicine for Nora, but as with everything else, that will not be too easy to accomplish.

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