TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 6 – “Sex and Drugs”

Written by Hana Elniwairi November 01, 2012

He would order men in front of a firing squad the way you and I would order up a beer. And I loved him for it!


This week’s “Revolution” opens up appropriately dealing with something many have been complaining about: the fact that Nora has been stabbed three times and it doesn’t seem to bother her at all. Well, this time around, her wound has been infected and she’s going into septic shock. Too bad there’s no doctors around these days.

Enter Miles’ lovely Militia ties. He leads the gang to an old ‘friend’s’ house, but after said friend helps Nora, he demands that Miles pays him back for all the favours he’s done for him. How? Charlie has to dress up like a hooker and kill Militia Guy’s Irish neighbours (the O’Hallarans) who don’t like him very much. If Charlie says no? Well, she and the gang die. (Spoiler, you guys; no one dies!)

Who’s the Crazy Guy?

As aforementioned, Miles seems to know everyone, and so far, I’ve been liking most of his old friends. Drexel the Drug Lord is not an exception, in and of himself. He’s an intresting character, with obvious psychological problems (or maybe it’s just the drugs) who likes two things: being a racist bastard and tripping up pretty much anyone he talks to (see: Aaron and Miles). The problem with Drexel, however, was the way he and the rest of his men were used in this episode. There are so many things that simply made no sense whatsoever, and that’s saying a lot, since I’ve been turning a blind eye to most of the other problems with logic so far.

But I have to wonder why on earth has Drexel waited so long to send out one of his ‘girls’ out to kill Bill O’Hallaran? If all you needed was a pretty young girl, why not use one of the ones you have already?! Next, how exactly do the O’Hallaran family possess weapons? I thought citizens of the Monroe Republic weren’t allowed to have weapons. Point #3, how and why exactly would Drexel’s men let the Charlie Gang walk out like it was nothing? It’s Miles Freakin’ Matheson! I thought he was important or something like that.

Flashback Time!

This week, the flashbacks were almost exclusively Aaron’s. They showed how he was a genius at Google, happily married and going out with his wife on their anniversary when the Blackout struck. I still cannot get over the cars stopping for no apparent reason; let’s pray with all our might that “Revolution” somehow manages to explain that eventually. However, aside from that, the flashbacks were alright. They showed an interesting view of Aaron, and linked his cowardice in the first few months after the Blackout (he ditched his wife because he couldn’t protect her!) to what’s happening with him now rather well, culminating in a good end of the episode, as far as Aaron is concerned.

Back in Philly . . .

This week’s episode of “Revolution” was rather lame, as far as the bad guys back in Philadelphia were concerned. Monroe meets Danny in a lackluster scene, Capt. Neville gets promoted to Major of Intelligence and Interrogations. Jason/Nate revealed to Monroe that Aaron has a pendant, then has a mini-fit when Monroe decides to send out a merciless guy who won’t be bringing anyone back alive (except for Miles of course). I still don’t get the Charlie/Nate storyline. Where exactly is their ‘relationship’ coming from? Nowhere, that’s where.

Overall, this episode of “Revolution” was a huge step down, especially after the last being such a great episode. Let’s hope that this was simply a blunder along the way, and things pick back up from here.

My Rating: 6/10

Next Episode

The pendants are finally coming into the focus of the story again, and we find out more about what the deal with them is anyway. Meanwhile, Charlie makes some friends.

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