TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 7 – “The Children’s Crusade”

Written by Hana Elniwairi November 07, 2012

“I’m not such a bad guy . . . I just want us to be friends.” – Randall


This week’s episode of “Revolution” introduces us to another aspect of this dystopian world: the place of children and their lives. The episode opens with Charlie receiving the Monroe Militia mark, and then goes back two days earlier. On their way to Philadelphia, the Charlie Gang hides and watches Militia men carting off several teenagers and young adults somewhere. After the Militia is gone, the Gang encounters a group of children who reveal that they have been living alone for almost ten years now, but now the Militia has their eldest ‘brother’, Peter, and they want to get him back. Charlie manages to convince Miles to go after Peter, and they discover that he will be taken to a conscription facility. Charlie is the only one who will be able to infiltrate the place.

The Children of “Revolution”

The one thing that was fascinating after watching the promo for “The Children’s Crusade” last week was the idea of children living on their own and fending for themselves. It immediately made me think of “Lord of the Flies”, but it seems like the children of “Revolution” had a better idea of what they were doing. Their story was told really well, and, with the exception of Norah’s annoyingly forced storyline with one of the young girls, the children’s interactions with the Gang was quite interesting. Their effect on Miles’ was especially intriguing, although having Norah spell out the reason for his guilt was kind of redundant. It’s too bad that the children and Peter will most likely not be appearing again, but hey, one can always hope, right?

Flashback Time!

This week’s flashbacks focused mainly on Rachel, the pendants, and how they work. As with most of the flashbacks so far, this was done rather well. Rachel’s involvement with the pendants is still slightly unclear, but I would assume she had some intellectual input into how they were made?

Really, the most intriguing person in the flashbacks was Randall, whose personality and character was quite interesting. Who doesn’t love an obsessive psycho in a suit? Randall seems like he will prove to be a much more important character in future episodes, and possibly a major third side to this quest for power. It makes me wonder if there will be some alliance forging between certain groups in the future, something which would have the potential to be quite interesting. He’s played by the great Colm Feore (i.e. Laufey from Thor, della Rovere from The Borgias, and many others) so I expect great things!

Meanwhile in Philly . . . and Elsewhere

While this episode of “Revolution” was named after the children’s storyline, Rachel Matheson appeared to be the real star here. Her breakdown from the initial episodes has proven to be a great character arc, and “The Children’s Crusade” really plays around with that. Rachel’s realisation that in the process of trying to protect her son, she put someone else’s child in danger was one of the best scenes of the episode. As well, I look forward to seeing how she will be interacting with Danny, who basically hasn’t seen her since he was a child. He may trust her because she’s his mother, but at some point, you question even your parents in a situation like this, right?

Elsewhere, mainly back with the Charlie Gang, Miles FINALLY finds out about the pendants. The tension between him and Aaron was good and all, but I can’t help but wonder why Miles was so shocked that his brother actually knew how to turn the lights back on. After all, wasn’t Miles the one who helped Monroe get Rachel, presumably because she knows something about the power? Of course, Miles’ shock could come from it being Aaron who knows about the pendants, but it was still something to think about.

My Rating: 7/10

Next Episode

Norah is not the lone wolf we thought she is. The Militia threatens to kill Norah’s sister if Miles and the Charlie Gang don’t do as they say. And it looks like something might be happening to one of the pendants . , ,

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