TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 8 – “Ties That Bind”

Written by Hana Elniwairi November 16, 2012

“Did you ever consider that maybe society was sick, not me?”


The Charlie Gang are attempting to cross a bridge in order to get to Philadelphia, but it is heavily guarded. They almost succeed in passing through, when they are ambushed by a sociopath sent out for Miles and the pendant. Strausser then lures them back out by revealing that he has Mia Clayton, Nora’s sister, and he will kill her if they don’t surrender.

In Philadelphia, Monroe seems to have grown increasingly paranoid and he’s lashing out on Jason/Nate, much to the dismay of Capt. Neville and Mrs. Julia Neville. The latter then begins plotting and scheming . . .

Flashback Time!

After many weeks of waiting, the flashbacks in “Ties That Bind” finally provided us with a change: they were terribly acted and incredibly forced. It truly is an excellent reflection on the whole ‘be careful what you wish for’ thing. It wasn’t the actual content of the flashbacks, which was quite good, but the actresses that delivered those scenes. Young Nora sounded so painfully fake; eyes were rolling everywhere.

Nonetheless, the flashbacks served their purpose. They familiarised everyone with the nature of Norah’s and Mia’s relationship, so when we discover that Mia was working with Strausser all along, it is actually effective.

Ties That Bind Indeed

This episode of “Revolution” seemed to be centered around family ties, relationships, and alliances. Aside from the relationship between the Clayton sisters, it seems there are plots and backstage politics even in the Monroe republic. Julia attempts to convince Neville that Monroe is, well, going bonkers and killing everybody for no reason. My dear, it took you this long to figure out something was wrong with the guy? Anyhow, Julia believes Neville would be a good replacement as a leader, and I would be tempted to agree, if it wasn’t for Neville’s previous mood swings when dealing with Danny. However, if Neville acted on Julia’s ideas too soon, it would be a terrible judgement on his part, having witnessed what Monroe just did to someone whose son -not even the man himself, just the son– was a traitor.

Other ties in this week’s “Revolution” are those surrounding Nora Clayton. Now, I’m all for a love story and a complicated relationship, but there needs to be some light shed on the nature of Nora’s and Miles’ relationship before they parted ways in order for anyone to understand it and come to love it. Yes, we know they were together, then he left her, but that’s pretty much the storyline of any love plot. Details are needed in order for anything to make sense, especially considering this is the man Nora left her own sister for.

The World is Run By Sociopaths . . . Literally

From Strausser, to Monroe, and even Randall, everyone who seems to have the least bit of power is a bit unstable. Strausser, of course, is the only one who openly admits that, but it seems as though Monroe’s ‘loyal’ subjects might be getting weary of his paranoia as well. It will be interesting to see how that plays out, although I don’t know well it will work. Monroe has a habit of killing off people left and right; what’s going to be any different with Neville?

As for Randall, call me crazy, but I find his detached, business-man approach to things very fascinating. Also, he seems to be the only person who has actually figured out how to work the pendants to his advantage, and he’s progressing well . . . on what, though, I’m not entirely sure. That last shot of the episode is going to need some explaining, but quite honestly, I’m happy to wait and find out.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Next Week

A possible Monroe and Miles reunion? I don’t think things can get anymore exciting than that! Also, “Revolution” will feature Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir, hence the title.

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