TV Review: “Revolution” Episode 9 – “Kashmir”

Written by Hana Elniwairi November 22, 2012

“If I take you back, you just might do it, you just might sell out your friends.”


This week’s “Revolution” featured the music of Led Zepplin, as indicated by the title. As for the actual plot line, “Kashmir” opens up with the Charlie Gang attempting to convince a rebel group near Philadelphia to help them get to Monroe. They don’t trust Miles, but after an interrogation, they agree to help. So Charlie & Co. and the Rebels head to Philly via train tunnels. As they journey through, each character undergoes moments of weakness, enhanced by hallucinations, which affect Miles the worst.

In Philadelphia, Rachel has got the pendant working, but she claims that she needs an amplifier for it to work better. Maj. Neville doesn’t seem to trust her, and the episode ends with Monroe nearly killing Rachel.

Hallucination Time!

Hallucinations and illusions play an important role in this week’s “Revolution”, and they do so in a very effective way. The one that was done really well was Miles’, which was used quite cleverly to trick everyone into thinking this week was going to be the much-awaited reunion of Miles and Monroe. Here, Miles, in talking to an imaginary Monroe, reveals that he’s afraid he might betray Charlie & Co. and return to the Militia. I don’t know about you, but I think him actually doing that could be effective, using some well-thought plotting and planning.

The other hallucination that worked really well was that of Aaron, where he imagines his wife following him and questioning him about abandoning her. Imaginary wife brings up very interesting points, about why Aaron couldn’t be brave for her, yet he could march straight into Monroe’s fortress. As for the other two hallucinations, those of Charlie and Nora, they were alright. Nora’s fear of alligators made me roll my eyes, and Charlie’s hallucination was okay, although there was nothing gripping about it.

Back in Philly . . .

“Revolution” gave fans of Rachel quite a scare this week, as her usefulness to Monroe almost ran its course. He discovers, using Rachel’s former scientist buddy, Brad Jaffy, that she was in fact building a timebomb instead of the amplifier. In an act of desperation, Rachel kills her friend so she can remain indespensable to Monroe.

I have to applaud Elizabeth Mitchell for the acting abilities she has displayed in the series so far, and especially in “Kashmir.” It is really telling on the mental state of the character when she can go from weeping and begging Monroe to spare her life, to viciously murdering one of her own friends, then crying about it and apologizing. And the look she gives Monroe as she reaffirms her importance is priceless. She was hands down the best thing about “Kashmir”, and that’s saying a lot, considering she couldn’t have had more than five to ten minutes out of the whole episode.

Overall, this week’s episode did a great job of shaking things up, just in time for the mid-season finale next week. I am really looking forward to seeing the Miles-Monroe reunion, so I hope “Revolution” delivers like it did this week.

My Rating: 8/10

Next Week

. . . . is the Fall Finale! Miles and Monroe come face to face, as do Charlie and Danny, and Rachel. It’s a big episode that will hopefully live up to the expectations.

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