TV Review: “Revolution” – Pilot Episode

Written by Hana Elniwairi September 21, 2012

“In a world gone dark, power is everything.”

Those who have read my Top 5 New TV Shows article already know how excited I was for this particular show. “Revolution” is a mix of sci-fi, action, and drama, set in a dystopian universe where the world has been plunged into a modern day Dark Age, devoid of all electricity and all modern means of communication. It follows the Matheson family’s life in this world. Here’s a little clip to give you a taste:

The Good

There are many good things about this show, so let’s delve in right away. Firstly, the special effects and the overall feel of this new world is perfect. The scenes in Chicago, showcasing how the city transformed with the lack of energy, were fantastically done. Visually, the makers successfully delivered the whole dystopian, nature-reclaimed, energy-deprived world left behind by a lack of power. You are immediately engulfed into the world of “Revolution”.

Many of the characters introduced were also presented excellently, though not all. One of these is Miles Matheson (Billy Burke), the uncle to our main character, Charlie. Miles works very well because he’s the voice of all the sceptics and pessimists out there; he finds it difficult to trust anyone, including his own niece. Additionally, he has incredibly witty and amusing lines that spice up the show, in an otherwise serious setting. Next, there is Maggie, the town doctor and girlfriend of the late Ben Matheson, played by Anna Lise Phillips. She’s calm, slightly paranoid, and reserved, but incredibly dangerous in her own way, as a couple of rogue bandits come to find out. She should be a pretty cool ass-kicker.

The Bad

As much as characters may have made the pilot, some of them took quite a bit from it as well. Mainly, it was Charlie Matheson, played by Tracy Spiridakos. Perhaps it was simply because it’s the beginning of the show, and the character has yet to develop, but her naivity and overall persona was irkesome. Charlie keeps needing to be saved, and naively assumes things as though she hasn’t grown up in this harsh world at all, like how people out there ‘can’t all be monsters’. That aside, it was simply difficult to feel sympathy for her, because the performance was subpar. This is a person who has lost her parents, and possibly her brother, yet it never feels like anything is affecting her.

Another thing that was slightly annoying were little confusing technical and scientific inaccuracies. Why would electricity dying affect batteries and airplanes in the sky? However, I am willing to forgive those because this might be jumping the gun a little bit, and they do sort of reference it earlier in the episode; a fuller explanation will hopefully be provided as “Revolution” progresses.

Could Be Interesting

First, there is Danny, who is pretty much the catalyst for the whole situation the Matheson family finds itself in. Danny’s character and plotline were not given too much time in the pilot, but there could be a lot more to explore. Unlike Charlie, he represents the age group that was way too young to remember life with electricity, most likely, and so his perspective will be an interesting contrast.

Going on with more family members, there is Rachel Matheson, Charlie and Danny’s mother who is said to have died. The fact that details of her death were not given explicitely could be hinting that there might be more there, which should be exciting. Also, the ‘bad guys’ of “Revolution” looked like they were going to be an incredibly interesting factor and contributor to the plot; I’m looking forward to seeing more of Monroe (David Lyons) in particular.

Overall, “Revolution” looks like it’s going to be an interesting show. It is, however, one of those shows that could be jeopradized by the whole ‘big reveal’ aspect of it. Either way, we’ll keep watching and see how it goes!

My Rating: 7.5/10

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