TV Review: “Revolution” Season 1 Finale – “The Dark Tower”

Written by Hana Elniwairi June 05, 2013



This week, everything comes to a head in “Revolution”‘s finale! Rachel tries to get to Level 12 to turn the power back on. Miles and Monroe meet for their 1,000,000th ultimate showdown, and Neville leads a revolt against Monroe.

I tend to have an optimistic view, and give shows the benefit of doubt. “Revolution”‘s finale unfortunately destroyed any faith I had in the series. In an inexplicable move, the show abandons its entire concept and veers into a completely different direction; one which I highly doubt will be anywhere nearly as interesting as what “Revolution” could have been.

The Tower Is Impenetrable?

This second half of “Revolution” has consistently alluded to how difficult it was to get in and out of the Tower, and how much security surrounds it. Yet, within the first half of the finale, Miles and Monroe escape through some sewers (how are these even installed?! Isn’t the Tower upside down?), while Neville blows up the entrance using some low-level explosives. Fail #1.

Fail #2 came in the supervision of Rachel, Aaron, and Charlie by the guards of the Tower. For people who are intent on keeping Rachel away from Level 12, they’re doing a terrible job guarding her. Aaron breaks into their computer system no problem, Rachel steals a key card, and then Nora blows up the entire guard. The verdict is in: the Tower and its inhabitants are a joke.

Bromance Triumphs


Here is where my first prediction from last week’s review is proved false: Miles and Monroe barely fight. Instead, they band together to escape the Tower, have a little fist fight, and band together again to escape Neville’s men. The moral of the story is that Monroe is deeply and utterly in love with Miles, and the latter may feel the same. I don’t really know what will happen with this situation next season, although it might just be that everyone, including Miles and Monroe, will band together. Something like that would have been interesting to see, although now, it might be too late.

Rachel and Miles

It seems that “Revolution” is entirely hell-bent on shoving the Rachel/Miles pairing down everyone’s throat, but never more than in this episode. The conversation between Nora and Rachel was painful to watch. We have Rachel acting very out of character, and all concerned about Miles, when the rest of the time, all she wants to do is turn the power back on. The one good thing about that situation is that the ever-popular love triangle will not see the light of day on “Revolution” now that Nora has been killed off (prediction success!). What’s most annoying about Rachel and Miles is that a relationship between the two of them needs to be handled delicately, but what “Revolution” is doing is simply asking us to accept that they are meant to be together, when there’s very little indication that’s true. To make matters worse, their alleged love is warping two perfectly good characters into total imbeciles.

A World Without Power? Nah, Just Kidding!


The premise and whole concept of “Revolution” is reliant on the fact that the world has no power. Yes, there is the chase to get the power. And perhaps at the very end of the series, it might have been nice to see the power come back on. But this is season 1, and a second season is on the way, and we already have the power back on. Not only that, but it appears that “Revolution” is completely abandoning the concept of a ‘world without power’ in favour of a different kind of dystopian world, with the imminent explosion of the missiles in Georgia and Philadelphia.

Randall reveals that he’s a patriot, and shoots himself. Also, there’s an evil President of the US; he lives in Guantanamo Bay. Did you guys ever catch the hints and allusions to him before? No, me neither. What annoys me about plot twists like these is that they 1) are unnecessary, and 2) bear no relation to the current plot that “Revolution” has, which could have been resurrected.


So what’s the verdict for season 2? It’s highly doubtful that lack of power will bear any relevance to the show anymore, although I wouldn’t put it past “Revolution” to implausably have Aaron somehow turn it back off, and maybe stop the missiles. At any rate, it looks like “Revolution” has a new villain in its unnamed President, who Charlie & Co. will now have to face. Also, Monroe is surrounded by a lightening storm. He’ll need to get out of that and come back to Miles so the bromance can live on!

My Rating: 5.5/10

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