TV Review: “Sons of Anarchy” Episode 10 – “Crucifixed”

Written by Jesse Gelinas November 18, 2012

Chibs getting his hands dirty this week on "Sons of Anarchy"

“It’s all falling apart, ain’t it, Jackie?”

Okay, so last week was definitely a fluke. The Sons of Anarchy are back with a rather literal vengeance this week, and it is a hell of a show. Things seem to be taking a turn for the even worse (whodathunk?), and we’re getting into some dark, twisted territory. SAMCRO seems to be heading to Hell in a hand-basket, and Jax himself is leading them there. This special 90-minute (read as: 57 minute) episode packs a lot of punch, and seems to be setting the final stage for the fast-approaching finale.

Picking up right where last week left off, we see Juice taken into custody. Of course this is Sheriff Eli warning him of his impending doom now that Jax knows he ratted out the club last season. It’s tough to see Eli trying hard to stay on the right side of things, despite all the wrong going on around him. He’s visibly falling apart after his wife’s death, and it seems to be eating away at his moral compass. Rather than run and hide, Juice confronts Jax with the truth, and is as surprised as we are to have Jax (the Merciless) offer him penance in exchange for an oath of fealty, much like he offered Tig a few weeks back. Juice is tasked with finding evidence against linking Clay to the Nomad attacks. A hard task, given his and Clay’s blossoming camaraderie lately.

“I know you’re close to him, bro, but he’s poison. And you don’t know the half of it.”

In order to simplify things, Jax and Bobby bring Chibs up to speed on the Cartel, the CIA, Juice, and the RICO case. Chibs reveals Juice’s secret (his black father, a big no no in the whiter biker world). After this, the Sons track down one of Opie’s murderers from the prison death match. This gives us the return of the Grim Bastards, an ally MC of SAMCRO. This is where Jax’s ruthlessness really shines through. After promising not to kill the man who killed Opie (a blood relative of the Bastards’ President), Jax had Chibs dispatch him anyway. This effectively destroys a 20-year relationship with the Bastards, and deeply upsets Bobby, apparently the only level-headed Son left.

The Grim Bastards return this week on "Sons of Anarchy"

It is scary seeing Jax’s descent after his much anticipated rise to power. He appears to be making all the same mistakes as Clay: short-sightedness, ruthlessness, thinking retaliation and wrath over practicality and safety. He’s also keeping more secrets than Clay and Gemma combined. It’s impossible to imagine how he keeps it straight lying to Clay, to Pope, to Juice, to Tig, and everyone in between. This also seems to be helping Clay regain some footing, and now he’s back to his old dangerous self. Having put together the facts about RICO and the Cartel, Clay comes to them with a proposal to reclaim his presidency. They seem eager to accept if it means keeping the guns and coke flowing. Clay also moves back in with Gemma, who’s apparently decided to go ahead with Jax’s plan to get close to her husband again for intel. Perlman really rocks it in this episode. It’s good to see him playing the role with some depth again.

“Sons live. Redwood bleeds.”

On the Tara side of things, she seems to be falling apart mentally. She wakes her baby up purposely just so she can comfort him, and is self-medicating daily. On the plus side, she receives a promising job offer from a hospital in Oregon. She may escape Charming yet. She revisits Otto and is tasked with bringing him another of Luann’s old possessions, a crucifix he bought her. Those familiar with Otto’s history can already see where this is going. Otto decides to save the Sons of Anarchy MC, but hurt the Charming chapter in his own, brutal way, killing a nurse with the crucifix Tara provided him. This effectively makes her an accessory to murder, but renders his RICO testimony useless. Who knows? Maybe prison will be good for Tara. Just look what it did for Jax’s demeanor.

Clay gets RICO intel from Lenny ,the Pimp', on "Sons of Anarchy"

Overall, the episode is a huge improvement over last week’s flat bore-fest. I think we can be confident that Sutter has essentially written himself out of the show (and what a way to go out), and now we can focus on how bloody, chaotic, and devastating this season is going to end. Pope seems to be drawing Jax toward the life of a criminal kingpin, and the Sons of Anarchy are unstable and uncertain of his new-found murderous tendencies. And with Clay now making his move for power with a much more powerful ally than the Nomads, we can start to see where this season is leading. “Out with the new, in the old?” Maybe. We’ll have to see if Jax can keep himself from becoming the man he hates most, and save the Sons of Anarchy from an agonizing death.

My Rating: 10/10

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