TV Review: “Sons of Anarchy” Episode 12 – “Darthy”

Written by Jesse Gelinas December 01, 2012

Charlie Hunnam on "Sons of Anarchy"

One last piece of advice.

“Children face inwards. Men face out.”

This one is a bit of a game changer. “Sons of Anarchy” has always walked a fine line between antiheroes and villains, but the line has never been blurred as much as it was this week. The drama and action here are top notch, but there is a dark cloud hanging over every second of this show, and it gets ugly before the end.

We find SAMCRO at the table, ready to hear Clay’s confession to his involvement with the Nomads. Unbeknownst to them, Bobby’s visit to Clay in the last episode ended in a deal being struck. The vote is cast for Clay to lose his patch (unanimous), and then a second about him “meeting Mr. Mayhem”. Bobby is the only ‘nay’, blocking the vote. Jax proceeds to beat the living hell out of Clay in murderous frustration. Bobby explains his logic, trying to protect Jax from becoming too much like his stepfather, but the young President is unmoved.

“You can’t sit in this chair without being a savage.”

Tara is giving her statement about Otto, and contemplating the well-being of her sons if something happens to her and Jax. Meanwhile, her husband meets with Pope and asks for advice about how to deal with Clay. Pope understands, and urges Jax to take him out secretly. He also reminds Jax of his promise to deliver Tig for execution. After this, the Cartel meets with the Chinese about the new guns deal. There is a slight snag, requiring one more shipment from the Irish. This agreement is quickly destroyed when the Cartel decides to take the Irish guns by force, resulting in a few dead bodies, and some angry IRA.

A vote for life or death on "Sons of Anarchy"

One last vote.

At the hospital, Tara talks to Wendy about visitation with (her son) Abel. Seeing the ex-junkie mother of his child enrages Jax and he insists on verbally bashing her outside. She is quickly grabbed by the IRA, however, mistaken for Jax’s wife. Some ransoming, muscle-flexing, and $400,000 later, she is returned safe and sound, and now with knowledge of the fact Abel was kidnapped two years ago. She condemns Jax and Tara for living a dangerous life with their boys, and threatens a custody battle. Meanwhile, Clay rekindles his ties with the Irish and requests asylum in Belfast for himself and Gemma until the heat dies down.

“You can’t stay in uniform and not play the game.”

Tara receives a visit from the mysterious man from last week, now revealed to be former US Marshall Lee Toric, brother of the nurse Otto killed. We last see him sitting in a motel room, surrounded by assault rifles and a bag full of prescription drugs. Obviously nothing to worry about based on how quickly Jax dismisses Tara’s warning about him. The episode closes with Clay getting his Sons of Anarchy tats blacked out by Happy while the club watches. Jax leaves early to go meet Tig, who has prepared something for him. “It’s ready to shoot,” he says, before directing Jax to the top floor of a motel.  Wendy is inside, and Jax brutally slams her against the wall, chokes her, and shoots her arm full of smack.

Ron Perlman and Kim Coates on "Sons of Anarchy"

One last plea for brotherhood.

I never liked Jax before, and I f***ing hate him now. There have been questionable calls in the past, but I think it’s safe to say that all wondering about whether he’s going nuts is officially confirmed. The episode was wrought with drama and tension, and an obligatory shootout, but it was still quality. We’re down to the morrow now. Only one episode left and there’s a lot of loose ends to tie up. We can be certain that no one is going quietly into the night this time. This finale is going to be loud!

My Rating: 8/10 

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