TV Review: “Sons of Anarchy” Episode 4 – “ Stolen Huffy ”

Written by Jesse Gelinas October 06, 2012

Jimmy Smits and Charlie Hunnam in "Stolen Huffy"

“He went out a warrior.”

Kurt Sutter had better have one hell of a satisfying conclusion ready for this season’s finale. We’re four episodes in and he’s spent the entire time far crushing our very souls. Tig’s daughter burned, Unser beaten, Opie executed. The Sons seem to be down three-nil and we’re still in the first quarter. “Stolen Huffy” lets the SAMCRO get back to business as Jax and the boys are released from County one man short. God, who’s chopping onions in here?

We see the fallout of Gemma’s little freak out last episode where she accosted one of Nero’s escorts for going near Clay (seriously, Gemma needs to sort her priorities): The police raided the place, arrested all the girls, and served Nero with an eviction notice. Gemma is oddly enough bailed out by Wendy (Jax’s ex). It’s actually nice to see Drea de Matteo back on the show. Quality TV has missed her presence since “The Sopranos” put two in the back of her head. Her and Gemma fall right back into their love/hate bickering and it’s obvious Wendy has some unfinished business with Tara and her biological son, Abel.

“You must really be running out of friends if I’m your emergency contact.”

On the home front Jax and the boys arrive back at the clubhouse and begin to prepare for Opie’s wake, while laying the new arrangement with Pope out for the rest of the club. Tensions are high as most of them are hesitant to get in deep with Pope after Opie’s death. These scenes really get across just how quickly Jax is having to adapt to his new role as President. As much as he despises Clay and swears they’re nothing alike, he’s fast becoming the ruthless, uncompromising leader his stepfather once was. It’s the cost of doing business apparently.

Ashley Tisdale drops the Disney image for "Stolen Huffy"

Does anyone know yet why they needed Ashley Tisdale for this?

In the wake of all this, Nero’s gang shows up wanting blood for the hit to their business. Convinced that Emma (the escort Gemma smacked around) is responsible for the police raid, they move out in force, with Nero sending the Sons to run interference and hopefully get the girl out of town in one piece. A little undercover work, and a lengthy high-speed chase later, the Sons have the girl safe at the clubhouse.

“So what we need now is a digit… and a tiny titty.”

We’re treated to a great, intense scene between Clay and Gemma, bickering like the old married couple they still are. Gemma has a visible breakdown after hearing the news about Opie, while we find out that Nero’s ‘bottom bitch’ (do you know what I am saying?) tried to make a move on her own to have Emma killed. She’s subsequently isolated in the garage (trust me, this scene pays off). The mutual respect between Jax and Nero gives way to a proposal of partnership. Nero is convinced to reboot his operation with some of the porn stars SAMCRO used to sponsor. This appears to be Jax’s first step in moving away from the dangers of their gun business, looking to a more (semi) legitimate future.

Tara and Gemma begin to seem more and more alike in the penultimate scene from "Stolen Huffy".

The student is quickly becoming the master…

The final act of the episode is by far the strongest, as we see Gemma working her manipulative magic on Tara once more, getting her to focus her anger and rage on Nero’s treacherous bottom bitch (this phrase makes me smile), leading to a three-way catfight just as bloody and brutal as any of the man-dances we’ve seen thus far. Following this, a rather poignant montage shows us the club at Opie’s wake, saying their final goodbyes, and laying the big guy to rest… goddamn, these onions, man. They’re getting to me.

“Stolen Huffy” is another emotional roller-coaster and Sutter appears to be enjoying bumming his audience out. Truth be told, this season is shaping up to be fantastic, but it begs the question of whether things can actually be alright again after so much shit raining on SAMCRO. It has to. We have to hope that Opie didn’t die in vain. Pope’s got a lot to answer for once the Sons get back to Mayhem Mode.

My Rating: 8/10

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