TV Review: “Sons of Anarchy” Episode 6 – “Small World

Written by Jesse Gelinas October 19, 2012

Kurt Sutter returns as Otto on "Sons of Anarchy"

“Remember me? I keep my promises.”

Just when it looks like things might be looking up for SAMCRO, shit starts going crazy again. After the temporary reprieve last week, “Small World” throws our boys back into the fire with a whole slew of new problems to face, and a few scores to settle. This episode is jam-packed with intensity and it’s going to leave you furious for the next week of waiting.

Jax has a sit down with Pope to discuss the home invasions that have been plaguing Charming and recently claimed the life of Sheriff Roosevelt’s wife. Of course we know SAMCRO’s latest transfers are behind the attacks, but Jax is absolutely certain that it can’t be stemming from the club. Roosevelt and the former Police Chief Unser aren’t so easily convinced, and begin their own investigation off the record. It’s sad to see Unser distancing himself from the MC, but after so much shit raining down on him, it’s understandable. It makes for great character development and he has a brilliant little scene with Gemma toward the end.

“You’re gonna die alone, just like me.”

At home, Gemma finds herself in deep shit when Nero’s partner (revealed to be his unstable sister) holds her and Nero at gunpoint, forcing them to put on some kind of sexual theater. When Nero refuses, his sister turns the gun on herself. Meanwhile, Jax brings a new proposal from Pope to the Sons. If they double the amount of drugs they mule for the Cartel, Pope will distribute it and make them a lot more money. The table is evenly divided, but it passes. The strife within the club is the most evident in this scene with five members openly challenging Jax’s leadership abilities. Of course, Clay is particularly vocal about his disapproval.

Jimmy Smits and Wanda de Jesus on "Sons of Anarchy"

As a show of good faith, Pope gives the Sons of Anarchy a chance at bringing swift justice to the prison guard who had Opie killed (a moment the audience has been waiting for, no doubt). Things go a bit sour when his wife is found at home with him, but Tig quickly turns her into collateral damage. Oddly enough, Jax approves. Jax handles the execution himself, beating the man to death with a Disney World snow-globe.

“She’s collateral damage. Op’s murder.”

While all this is going on, Tara is attempting to get through to Otto on death row. Hoping she can make him reverse his testimony and quash the RICO case for good. Otto is understandably less than eager to help. I think Sutter is trying to his best to write Otto out of the show, and I hope his story is actually finished soon. Finally, toward the end we see more evidence that Clay has been keeping the club in the dark about his health, and is actually much further along his recovery than they know. Why he’s making himself seem weak is pretty obvious when we see that he’s the one behind the home invasions.

Ron Perlman's Clay is back at full strength on "Sons of Anarchy"

“Small World” is a great “Sons of Anarchy” episode. It manages to answer a few questions, tie up some loose ends, and introduce more and more. This goes to show that SAMCRO’s world is starting to unravel, whether they like it or not. The probability that Pope is going to be killed is starting to look less and less, and sadly, he seems to be getting the Sons deeper into the grubby drug business. We’ll have to wait and see if Jax can manage to stop himself from becoming Clay 2.0, and actually turn things around for the MC.

My Rating: 9.5/10

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