TV Review: “Super Fun Night”-Self Explanatory

Written by Emily Stewart November 03, 2013

 Liz Lapria, Lauren Ash, Rebel Wilson

What’s a “Super Fun Night” with star and creator Rebel Wilson? A weekly sitcom about hanging out with friends after working as a lawyer in New York City. From karaoke to fan conventions, there’s a new event every week. Sure, it’s not the deepest plot ever. “Super Fun Night” is pretty routine as well, but what else would you expect with the title? This lighthearted sitcom is enjoyable. The energetic cast has great chemistry with each other. However, there are a few cliches and one production issue in “Super Fun Night”. The show still lives up to its name, however.

A “Super Fun” Cast

First of all, Wilson steals the show. Her performance as Kimmie Boubier is hilarious and relatable. Alright, so I’ve never lost my dress to an elevator at work, or fainted on stage (knock on wood). They’re still both something that COULD happen to me, however (plus I completely understand her pizza passion). Wilson also does her character’s American accent very well-though sometimes it’s tempting to see if she’ll break away from Kimmie. She also interacts well with the rest of the cast. They all clearly have fun working together. Even Kimmie and her competitive boss, Kendall Quinn (Kate Jenkinson) have great chemistry.

Rebel Wilson and Kate Jenkinson

Wilson might be the star, but the other characters have their moments to shine. They are all likable, especially Kimmie’s two best friends, Helen Alice (Liza Lapria) and Marika (Lauren Ash). “Super Fun Night” focuses on Kimmie, but recently the pair had a Halloween party with the three guys they met through a dating website. Marika even got her own moment to shine when she realized her “idol” was just a character. Kendall and her boyfriend (and Kimmie’s love interest) Richard Royce (Kevin Bishop) also amuse. It’s great that all of the characters are in the spotlight here and there.

Dear Diary, I Wish… Wait a Minute…

Each episode begins with Kimmie pulling an “Easy A”. By that I mean making a video diary that sets up the scene. “Easy A” is a great film, so this is not bad thing at all. That said, she never goes back to the weekly vlog in the episode at all. Of course, it’s clear what happened during each episode, but there should be more use of the diary aspect. If it’s going to be used at all, every episode should be like writing in a diary.

Rebel Wilson, Kevin Bishop and Kate Jenkinson

Something seems familiar here…

There are also a few cliches in “Super Fun Night”. The idea of an outcast desiring the cute colleague who happens to be dating the mean girl has been done and done again-especially in high school settings. This love triangle aspect is in everything from “Mean Girls” to Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me”. Again, not a bad thing; it’s actually Super Fun to watch. Still, it’s overdone.

“Super Fun Night” is your match for a lighthearted comedy. Everyone, especially Wilson, portrays their character well, are energetic and enjoyable. The chemistry between the characters is great as well. If you’re a fan of Wilson in “Bridesmaids” and “Pitch Perfect”, you’re in for a Super Fun treat.

My Rating: 8/10 

Super Fun Night Cast

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