TV Review: “The League” Season 6 – Game Over

Written by Brian Wilcox October 16, 2014

the league

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Since its rookie season in 2009, “The League” has been a fan favourite among fantasy football players and TV fanatics alike, offering something new and fresh to FX’s ever growing lineup of programming. Fast forward to its 6th season, however, and it’s become clear that they are just throwing in the towel, offering up a hollow shell of its former self.


All the things fans loved about “The League” are still there, and honestly that’s pretty much the problem.  About halfway into its sixth year on television, there hasn’t been much development since the show’s premiere.  Most of the characters are pretty much in the same place they were when the show began, which makes the viewer start to question why exactly they continue to watch it at all.  What is it leading towards? The fantasy football aspects of “The League” were much more prominent in the first few seasons, while the latest two only have a sprinkling of it throughout – just for taste. For a show about a group of friends and their league, you would think there would be a lot more of it.

the league

Right from episode one you can see exactly where this season is taking the viewer. Starting with Ted’s untimely (and seemingly random) death, the gang decides that they are going to have their draft with Ted one last time, at his funeral.  This is just a precursor for all the questionable things the characters will do over the course of the next few episodes. This certainly isn’t new for this crazy cast of characters, but the way it’s presented feels uninspired. Another great example is in “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” when Jenny, while wearing a pink bandanna, decides to fake cancer in order to get out of baking cookies for her daughter’s bake sale. The joke becomes more tasteless (pun totally intended) when at the end of the episode, there’s absolutely no pay off. It’s not so much that it’s disrespectful, because it’s not, but more so it’s just not funny and comes off as unnecessary filler.

“Can you guys not be morons for one day?”

Speaking of unnecessary, the show gave Randy and Rafi their own episode, something only done once before to mild success. This time around, however, it proved to just be too much. Finding the answers to questions nobody was asking felt a little forced and too convenient, ultimately losing the mystique around both characters. You didn’t need to see “Clean Randall” become Dirty Randy; it was better when he was just Dirty and you had to imagine how in the world that happened. The possibilities were endless with these two characters, and instead audiences were just left with a cheap imitation of the classic film “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”. Like we haven’t seen that before.

Overall, it has become quite clear that “The League” is getting a bit stale, and that the rocky fifth season was just a precursor of what was to come this year. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just lacking in the original department.  While the show has been known for its NFL stars and their cameos, the football aspects of the show as a whole have slowly been declining as “The League” continues to press on.  There’s been rumours of this being the final season of the show, and judging by what they’ve presented so far it might just be time for them to hang up their jerseys and hit the showers for good.

 My Rating: 5.5/10

the league

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