TV Review: “The Mindy Project” – Full of Heart and Potential

Written by Guest October 14, 2012

From Kelly to Mindy

Comedies centred around the workplace frequently force the viewer to suspend disbelief in order for it to make any sense for such wacky characters to hold a job. These characters seem so eccentric and bizarre that you wonder how they got through kindergarten, let alone get prestigious jobs.  After coming off eight years of playing such an incompetent character on “The Office” , Mindy Kaling has created a character that escapes the norm and has the ability to carry a show that has a lot of potential. “The Mindy Project” airs on Fox at 9:30 on Tuesdays. It stars Mindy Kaling (Kelly from “The Office”), Chris Messina (“The Newsroom”) and Anna Camp (“True Blood”). It is created and primarily written by Kaling, who despite having an inconsistent character on “The Office” wrote some of the series greatest episodes. “The Mindy Project” contains some of the DNA from “The Office”, such as a fun workplace dynamic and strong character relationships. Despite this, the show is able to make the “young protagonist trying to find happiness in the workplace and love in the city” concept feel fresh. “The Mindy Project” has Mindy Kaling playing Mindy, an OB/GYN who works at a private practice and has an obsession with romantic comedy movies. This obsession has made her lovesick in her attempt to find the one. “The Mindy Project,” however, is able to strike a good balance between the focus on her pursuit of happiness and being just a fun show about her interacting with her friends and coworkers. Because of this, Mindy is still able to be a believable, yet quirky doctor, which makes her that much more engaging to watch.

Far more qualified than the doctors of “Saving Hope”

Qualified doctors on a TV comedy? Inconceivable!

Mindy is very likeable and her observations of the world are quite humourous, making her a very solid lead to anchor the show around. The supporting cast, however, is still undefined at this point. Each character has just enough unique traits and  characterizations to allow the audience to differentiate them from one another. They do, however, all have potential, especially Anna Camp’s gossipy new-mother character Gwen, who is nice foil of stabilization to Mindy’s unpredictable relationship life. Most of the humour of the show derives from Mindy’s conversations with the other characters and how natural it flows. This is, however, a good place for a new show to be as none of the characters have reached the point where the viewer feels frustrated. “The Mindy Show” is full of potential. Nothing in the show falls flat,  but nothing stands out either beyond the character of Mindy and the natural flow of the conversations. This is a show worth keeping an eye on as the characters do seem to have enough chemistry and energy that it could grow into something great once a better footing is found. “The Mindy Project” has spirit and heart, but just like Mindy, it needs to find itself for it to feel complete.

My Rating: 7/10

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