TV Review: “The Mindy Project” Season 6 – A Bit of a Betrayal

Written by Sydney O'Keefe November 03, 2017

the mindy project

Mindy Kaling’s smash hit series The Mindy Project is partway through its sixth and final season. The series is centered around its writer and producer, Mindy Kaling, who plays the titular character Mindy Lahiri. Mindy’s a doctor living in Manhattan, whose witty and interesting life perspective brings endless entertainment. The series highlights the troubles of single, working women in the modern age in a shockingly fresh way.

**Warning: This review contains spoilers for season 6**

The Mindy Project revolves around Mindy’s life as a single mother, doctor, and entrepreneur. Despite this, Mindy’s personal life cause unending hilarity and entertainment. On top of the rom-com vibe, Kaling manages to incorporate some vital story-lines that reflect real-life problems of the modern working woman. Mindy often struggles to balance her ambitions with her son and her love life. This leads to the breakdown of her major relationship with her co-worker and baby daddy Danny Castellano (Chris Messina). The difficult decisions Mindy makes are a reflection of the decisions many 30-something unmarried career-driven women make.

“Is there a warrant out for your arrest? No one will notice. All white guys look the same.”

This season is especially poignant as season 5 ended with Mindy’s engagement and marriage to Ben (Bryan Greenberg). The interesting part of their story is Mindy’s growth from her past relationships and mindset. For years Mindy’s been obsessed with the idea of getting married. But Mindy realizes in season 5 that marriage isn’t all there is to life. So far, the beginning of season 6 focuses on Mindy reconciling her own independence with her current marriage. Mindy’s character development is definitely the highlight of the past 5 seasons, which we can only hope the rest of season 6 showcases even more.

the mindy project

Unfortunately, there’ll be no drawn-out explanation or discovery for why marriage isn’t right for Mindy. The rushed explanation is a disservice to loyal fans. It leaves me wondering if the final season of The Mindy Project will be a quick tying of loose ends. Enter Mindy’s ex-boyfriend Danny. The running theory among fans is that the writers have brought Danny back to quickly tie up Mindy’s story-line. This’d be incredibly disappointing what with the intense and intelligent narrative that centers around Mindy’s decision to leave Danny and focus on growing her fertility business.

“Part of me thinks if you’re getting your medical advice from a TV show, you deserve to die.”

The supporting act of Mindy’s zany co-workers has been mostly sub-par up until this season, only made up for by Mindy Kaling’s acting and writing. Her colourful take on the modern working woman is, in one word, delightful. She’s a balancing act of funny and feminist. Her character of Mindy is a successful mother dating in Manhattan. But she’s an undeniably hot mess. That makes the perspective undeniably relatable.  

the mindy project

The Mindy Project season 6 has the comedy of past seasons and appears to showcase interesting story-lines with Mindy’s co-workers. It’s a facet that’s been sorely lacking in past seasons. The most interesting story-line is the revival the relationship between Tamara (Xosha Roqumore) and Morgan (Ike Barinhotz). Beverly (Beth Grant), after 5 seasons of one-dimensional blandness, finally reaches some depth. The biggest change is the happy couple Dr. Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks) and Dr. Anna Ziev (Rebecca Rittenhouse). These minor character developments thicken the plot considerably and add another dimension to the show. Of course, if upcoming episodes reveal that the final season is simply recycling earlier plot lines to string together a suitable ending, all this will be lost.

“I’m going to mix wine and ginger ale to make champagne.”

The most disturbing thing to me is the very obvious hints that Mindy will be rekindling her romance with her divorced ex. The man who demands she give up her passion for being a doctor to stay home with their son. A fight that destroys their relationship. The seasons that depict Mindy as a single mom living in New York have been the most entertaining. They highlight her amazing resilience and ambition. Throwing Mindy back together with Danny feels like a betrayal of the brilliance The Mindy Project has spent 6 years cultivating.

My Rating: 6.5/10

the mindy project

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