TV Review: “True Blood” Season 7 – Farewell to Bon Temps

Written by Caitlin Cooper August 25, 2014

True Blood

“True Blood” is known for its gore, exaggerated acting, and high volume of sex scenes. While it may not be the best HBO show, it’s gained a faithful fan following since its premiere in the summer of 2008. If you’re into the supernatural genre, this is a big show to watch since it appealed to various mythological creatures, not just vampires (fairies, werewolves, shape-shifters, and witches too). It also doesn’t hurt that it’s apparently based upon a popular book series by Charlaine Harris. Even if you find “True Blood” ridiculous, the one thing it has going for it was the gore and the entertaining characters.


“True Blood” season 7 picks up right where season 6 ends: with a group of vampires infected with Hep-V bearing down on a town barbecue. These vampires are crazed and looking to drain every human in their path. Humans can contract the disease, though it only makes them a carrier which can pass it on to any vampires who feed from them. No one is safe, and that means main characters too. But is there a cure for Hep-V? Pam searches for Eric, Jessica is punishing herself for killing all but one of Andy’s daughters, and Sookie is determined to save everyone once again from a supernatural threat. In this final season of “True Blood” the stakes are high, and vampires and humans will have to work together if they want to survive.

“Now is all that matters.”

“True Blood” is known for killing off minor characters and, of course, villains. This season, however, creator Alan Ball wasn’t afraid to kill off series regulars. In fact, a character who’s been present since the first season is killed off within the first five minutes of season 7’s first episode. I didn’t expect that, but it certainly set up an expectation that the stakes would be higher. No character was safe from the chopping block, and more than once a character was threatened to be killed off the show. There’s one big character death I didn’t see coming at all, and though it was sad it didn’t seem wrong for the character’s arc. Said character welcomed it so they could be with their family again.


One of the best things about this season is the character growth. Who would’ve thought that could be said about “True Blood”? Sookie finally accepts herself – even the fairy aspect – and from that she is able to move on with her life. When confronted with the truth of who she is, she realizes she wouldn’t change anything about herself. What does that mean for Sookie? Well, she’s finally able to be happy despite all the heartache and tragedy she’s been through. It also means that she can finally find a healthy and loving relationship with a man (and you’ll never guess who she chooses). Jessica and Hoyt finally get the happy ending they deserve (Hoyt’s return was one of the best story-lines this season). Jason finally starts to get himself together and grow up which is surprising.

“You can have any kind of life you want.”

The best episode of the season – and perhaps of the whole series – is the series finale. It was definitely one of the most tame episodes – “True Blood” is known for being odd, gross, and violent – , but the last couple were winding down in many ways so that things could be wrapped up for the end of the show. While “True Blood” did lose my interest during the last few seasons, the finale reminded me why I started watching the show in the first place. There’s been clear character development in episode 9 and 10 which makes up for the shaky characterizations of past episodes. Some difficult things happen with main characters, but a lot of good happens too. The three – yes, three – flash-forwards are enough to balance out the dark and dramatic aspects with silly and happy ones. The series finale of “True Blood” left me with a warm impression of the show even though I haven’t always loved it.

True Blood

Overall, “True Blood” season 7 is as over-the-top as previous seasons, but the final few episodes accomplished much in the way of character growth and plot progress that was meaningful or entertaining to watch. There’s been some weak writing and purposely terrible acting, but no one can say “True Blood” isn’t an entertaining show.

My Rating: 7/10

True Blood

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